Have you wondered if it matches your “Style”?

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 Your style is your clothing personality. Your style is directly related to your personality, who you are deep down inside. Putting your style of dress in line with who you are deeply is to give you strength, it is to give you coherence, it is to be grounded. Whether in the context of your work, your hobbies, your sentimental or family life, being in your style means giving authenticity, ease, sincerity and elegance to your relationships. . And whether it's in your work, in your hobbies, in your sentimental or family life, that's what will make the difference, be sure of it!

Hence the importance of knowing your style and knowing how to buy clothes, accessories and everything else that match your style.

You are curious, want to know a little more: take a consultation with Issanaa Coach, in Image Energy.

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