Your strong hips bother you. You wear loose fitting clothes. Don't be surprised if you feel uncomfortable!

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It's true that your hips are strong and wide, and they're a problem for you. On the other hand, you have a marked and thin waist. What you need to understand is that there is a most important relationship between your hips and your waist. But by wearing loose, loose-fitting clothes you ignore this all important relationship between waist and shape of the hips. in the choice of your clothing cuts. By choosing loose clothes you only add volume to your figure and make it even heavier. By the same token, you have in fact camouflaged the thinnest part of your silhouette, the one that you must on the contrary highlight. So, and contrary to what you do, your best dress cuts are those that feature a well-designed waist, namely cinched or belted. This will draw the eye to the thin part of your silhouette. This is the art of knowing how to dress knowingly, gaining self-confidence and feeling comfortable in all circumstances.

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