Winter colors that tells you! They still have to be in your tones. Do you know them ?


It is certain that each season has its own colors and that these seasonal colors can be not only a source of inspiration but a way of being in harmony with the life of our Mother Earth. As I say there is no color that does not suit you. On the other hand, as you must know, each color has many different tones and among all the tones of each color there are some that correspond to you and others that do not. Dressing in tones that don't suit you is wasting your energy through your image. Hence the importance of knowing the tones that are yours for each of the colors. You have everything to gain ! And if you feel a bit lost about your tones, don't hesitate to contact me, I can put you on the right track. In the meantime, make the four four snore and take charge of your image.

It's all in the gesture




Do you know your good nail red?



Do you know your good red? We choose your good nail red. And in this good red there is a whole palette of tones that suit you