A unique opportunity to inform and familiarize yourself with what image consulting is at the international level.

Image consulting, makeover


It is good to remember that more than 90% of our communication is non-verbal and that in this non-verbal the image that we project holds a dominating place. Hence the importance of knowing how to project an image that reflects who we are while giving us energy, credibility and well-being. But knowing how to wear an image that suits us is not innate and certainly does not fall from the sky.

Image Consulting

You have surely noticed that there are colors that enhance you and others less, forms of clothing that suit you and others that do not, styles that correspond to your personality and others that on the contrary make you uncomfortable.

Knowing your colors, shapes and style is knowing how to dress and feel comfortable in all circumstances, it's projecting an image that really expresses who we are, it's gaining self-confidence. This is the work of an Image Consultant as I see it and practice it.

On the other hand, have you ever said to yourself “I have nothing to wear! », when your wardrobe is rather full? Or, having to go shopping while having the frustration of not knowing what to choose? So many situations that can be avoided for you thanks to the work of Image Consulting as I see it.

Don't you dream of having beautiful matching outfits, which you like, suitable for your daily life, outfits that you can multiply simply by combining and accessorizing them without additional expense? This is, once again, what the work of an appropriate Image Consultant, far from its aspect unfortunately too often associated with superficiality, flashiness and the jet set, can bring you.Image Consulting, Makeover

I invite you to join me at Nointel on Sunday February 10 from 14 p.m. to 20 p.m. at the Beauty Party organized by Anne-Pascale from Exquiz'Orchidée.

It's not every day that I make myself available to make you aware of the role of the image and answer your questions. I hope you will take this opportunity!

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