A barter story!

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In partnership with the ORIENTéA center in Senlis, we have set up an event called “ girls barter ". The first " girls barter » took place on February 17th and was a great success, to the point that we decided to renew it on May 26th.

The ORIENTéA center is a space for personal and professional development that brings together all the skills in a resource place…

We all have beautiful pieces that we haven't worn for a while or even that we have, so to speak, never really worn. A morphological change, a whim purchase and the clothes pile up, only cluttering up our wardrobe.


image consulting


« girls barter » This is an opportunity to exchange these cumbersome pieces for others which will not only renew our wardrobe at no cost but which we will wear with pleasure thanks to my expertise as an Image and Personal Development Advisor. I would be there to help you and guide you in your exchanges and your choices.


I will take this opportunity to present and explain my job as an Image Consultant. A profession that is too often poorly known and perceived above all through a stereotypical representation conveyed by celebrity magazines and the media, far from how I conceive and practice it. This will be an opportunity for me to show how much the image we have of ourselves and that we project, whether we like it or not, has a decisive influence on our well-being and our self-confidence. . To show, on the one hand, all the interest that each of us has in

Image Consulting; Makeover

match this image with his personality, what we are deep within ourselves. And on the other hand, contrary to popular belief, how intelligent consideration of one's image leads to behaviors that allow us to buy less, choose our outfits more easily, and dress daily with confidence and pleasure.

« girl swap » it's a unique and exemplary opportunity to satisfy our clothing needs without consuming more, it's a concrete, voluntary and conscious way to lighten our environmental footprint.

Operation of " girls barter ": Individual contribution minimum of 10 clean clothes with hangers + optional contribution of fashion accessories...

We classify everything by size. Everyone can try behind a screen. We leave with 10 pieces maximum.

The number of participants is limited to 20.
You have to warn me if you wish to be present.

2 thoughts on "A barter story!"

  1. Lionel BOUVIL says:

    Interesting and engaging site! Well done !
    But how do you get more visibility? All professionals know that word of mouth exists but that it also takes a long time to set up and spread. Have you ever thought of a solution that will take less energy and time for more results?

    1. Chantal says:

      Thank you for the appreciation on the quality of my site. As for visibility, it is sure that it is an essential aspect to which we must devote time and energy…


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