Six tips to help you wear your accessories well!

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What is the role of accessories?

Accessories are there not only to complete an outfit, to finish it off, but also to update it. We must therefore give them all the importance they deserve... Jewelry, scarves, glasses, hats, bags, shoes, scarves...

How to choose your accessories?

I advise you to choose them first according to your outfits, the circumstances, your colors, your figure and of course your style.…

How to choose the colors of your accessories?

I recently wrote you a news item on color and I repeat myself saying that it is fundamental, it is as much in the choice of your outfits as your accessories.

Knowing that we are all unique with characteristics specific to each and every one, not all colors will and cannot suit everyone!

accessories,to wear well,image,silhouette,style,face,beauty,held,

Once you have your outfit you have to think about accessories and the essential direction is the color of these accessories. Choose colors that match your natural characteristics to create a visual harmony that reflects the color of your skin, hair and eyes. There is a solution for everyone, as much to say that nature is well done...

For jewelry, know that gold metals correspond to warm colors while silver metals correspond to cold colors. It is important to take this into account to harmonize all of your outfits.


The style of accessories

Question style, to choose your accessories, it's your personality that speaks. You can use your accessories to precisely mark your style. I advise you to get out of diktats and connect to your inner self, to the image that is deep within you...

If you feel that you have difficulty finding your style, I can help you through my support to discover or enhance it. Accessories are an ideal way to mark your difference precisely by asserting your style.

shapes and accessories

accessories,to wear well,image,silhouette,style,face,beauty,held,

Question forms of the accessories it is your silhouette which will guide you. It's about your face shape and your body shape. It's your template that tells you the size of your accessories!

A few tips

Use your accessories to echo colors and create harmony, for example shoes reminiscent of a necklace, an earring reminiscent of a skirt...

As you often hear me say in “everything is in measure”. IIt's not about dressing up as a Christmas tree, it's about wearing accessories just where and how they should be.

Beware of "favorite" purchases, they may end up in the closet and lighten your wallet. Buy your accessories according to your outfits and of course the criteria mentioned above.

It is important, as far as possible, to choose your accessories of good quality!


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