How does the analysis of your silhouette or morphology take place?

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Silhouette is part, like la Color, Style, Accessories and Wardrobe Management, of the five basic pillars of a harmonious and efficient wardrobe.

By adapting the color of your clothes to your own natural colors you already solve some of the problems of your wardrobe. It is the same for the style of dress which consists in questioning who you really are and there it is your personality that comes into play...

To come to the silhouette, a bit of history and etymology.Silhouette, Morphology

As strange as it may seem, the word silhouette is recent and only dates from the 1709th century. It is an eponym, that is to say a common name derived from a proper name. The proper name being that of a finance minister of Louis XV, Étienne Silhouette (1767-XNUMX) who was also a novelist but above all, as far as we are concerned, the so-called inventor of the drawing executed by a line drawn around the shadow of a face, body or any other object. Type of drawing today called “silhouette”.

The method I use is of great logic, efficiency and universality.

Analysis of the Silhouette, Morphology, Relooking,

It has for me, which puts the human being at the center of my practice, the enormous advantage of taking into account the individuality and the particularity of each one. A method that has proven itself with the greatest in this world so much that we can consider that those who govern us and the jet set are among the greatest in this world...

This method requires a minimum of time if it is not to apprehend the specificity of the person. It is fundamental work which takes into consideration the silhouette as a whole and which gives valid answers over the long term. It is an examination and an analysis which are ideally carried out in a tight-fitting outfit as close as possible to the body to not only analyze the silhouette but also to make an in-depth study of the morphological proportions which are specific to each person.

This analysis is valid for both men and women.

Two identical silhouettes will not have the same morphological proportions, the same strengths or positive points, one may be large the other small...

What is the point of knowing your figure well?

Once this work is done, and depending on the diagnosis, you will know exactly what types of cuts, shapes, textures and prints you are going for when shopping. You will have a direction leading to purchases that will bring you visual harmony and will not only save time but also money. There will then be this ease that will allow you to enter a store and immediately go with confidence to your right cuts of clothing. A self-confidence that leads to relaxation and a smile, as opposed to purchases that are sources of frustration caused by ignorance of oneself and one's strengths. The garment then becomes an ally that becomes one with your body, boosts your energy, matches and strengthens your personality.

Regarding the study of your face:

We cover necklines, jewellery, hairstyles, and glasses.

And as for all my workshops and accompaniments, you will leave with a dossier so as not to lose a crumb of what I will have transmitted to you and to be able to remind you of it when necessary. A file who will accompany you in this journey towards a good understanding of your morphology.


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