Make up ! Oh ! Nope ! It's not in my traditions!

color, image consulting, makeover, appearance, harmony, wearing color well, well dressed,

To answer you, I would say

"I don't know what tradition you claim, but as far as I know, theakeup is a constant in all societies throughout the history of mankind, just that!

What I can also tell you is that over the centuries and for millennia societies have used an impressive set of techniques to decorate, embellish, mark their faces as well as their bodies.

From the scarification to the foundation, from the tattoo to the lipstick, which is not always red far from it, everything served to celebrate and enhance the beauty and the sacredness of the human being.

Like you, I am an heiress of this long tradition. But unlike me, who was chosen as the heiress of a long uninterrupted line, in your line, at one time or another, there was a break, there was no transmission, and today you feel somewhat helpless and limited in terms of beauty.

So with Issanaa make an appointment and find that missing link to let the world know who you are!

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