I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the Business Women Business Women Network.

Hello my beauties!

Almost a year ago I joined a network of women business leaders and entrepreneurs in Oise called “Business Women” and today I can testify that it was a good choice. This is an approach that I would recommend to any woman who has chosen to become self-employed.

 In each Newsletter of “Business Women” a member of the association is interviewed about her career, the reasons that prompted her to start her own business, what made her decide to join Business Women and what she found there.

For this month of October 2018, I had the privilege of being able to introduce myself in the Business Women Newsletter. I wanted to share with you, my beauties, this interview because it is largely thanks to you and your support that I find the energy and the pleasure to move forward. I invite you to read this interview:

Chantal ats beauty advice


This month, we are pleased to present to you Chantal Aletas, image consultant who is also behind the development of Business Women in the Pays du Valois.

In addition to its extension in all areas of the Oise, Business Women will soon inaugurate its 1st meeting in the Val d'Oise and in particular at Isle-Adam. Women entrepreneurs and executives in 95 will soon be able to experience Business Women.

I would also like to inform you that for logistical reasons, our Thalasso weekend, initially scheduled for December, has been postponed to March 2019.

Finally, I remind you that we have created a Business Women group on Facebook. This closed group exclusively reserved for members is accessible at this address: https://www.facebook.com/groups/286866745251630/.

Annick Peltyn


Image and well-being advice


Hello, can you introduce yourself and your company in a few words?

Personal development


Welcome to Chantal.ats.
My name is Chantal Alétas, I am an Image Consultant and mother of two wonderful children aged 10 and 14.
Image consultant is not the only job I have had, far from it, nor France the only country where I have worked. From a very young age, beauty and elegance have given direction to my life, whether in terms of dress or gesture, exterior or interior.
Chantal ats beauty advice
My business is a self-image consulting activity. It is aimed at both individuals and businesses.
As far as individuals are concerned, both women and men, my support consists of letting you know your colors, your silhouette and your style... All this to help you make the choices that best suit you in terms of hairstyle, make-up, accessories, clothes, dress-code, wardrobe management, shopping...
image consulting

This will be done initially through a telephone interview which will be followed either by an individual appointment or by registration for a group workshop. In the case of an individual appointment, I may be required to go to your home to sort out your wardrobe and also to go together in the field for a shopping session. As for participating in a group workshop, it could lead you to individual consultations.
As far as companies are concerned, all sectors taken together, my intervention consists of raising employee awareness of the importance of image in communication with partners and interlocutors. Opportunity to address topics such as: dress-code, business etiquette, posture, the impact of image in the workplace... This will be done through conferences, training, workshops...


Image and well-being advice

Why did you go into entrepreneurship?

Arriving in France, I was first a travel agent. But I felt that it was not where I could fully blossom, where I could satisfy the adventurer that I am. I needed more challenge, more challenge. I took advantage of the company's cessation of activity to get closer to my inner nature. So I took the leap and created my independent activity.


Image and well-being advice

What is your next challenge?

image consultingDigitize my services by creating digital products such as ebooks, conferences and online training ... in order to reach a French-speaking clientele regardless of geographical location.
Finally releasing my first book “C'est Possible”, which is part of my journey. "It's possible" is the story of this journey which was made against all odds and where each obstacle encountered has, in one way or another, served to build oneself and to continue to move forward. It is a story made up of lived moments. We rub shoulders with hardness and tenderness, humor and love, nobility and horror, pride and friendship, strength and grace, baseness and happiness. It's a rich story where life, whether in the characters or the situations, always has the upper hand...

Image and well-being advice

Tell us what made you join Business Women:

image consultingFor several years, a client who is also my sister at heart, told me that she had a friend with whom I should get in touch because she was sure that we would get along well. Eventually I made contact. It was Vanessa Jadot.

She came to visit me at my home in Lagny-le-Sec. And it is certain that a bond full of respect and reciprocal admiration was born, a sharing between two women with the same aspirations and carrying this same energy that is both feminine and masculine.
Vanessa then invited me to a Business Women meeting and since then, my God! Things happened so fast that before I knew it I had become one of the Business Women Ambassadors for the new Pays de Valois sector. A sign of confidence from Business Women that touches me deeply and a task that I fulfill with enthusiasm, a challenge that makes me grow.


Image and well-being advice


What benefits does the network bring you on a daily basis?

There are many: Not being alone, sharing an experience with women who face the same challenges, feeling stimulated and knowing that you are stimulating, seeing by example that it is possible, feeling part of a big family made of trust and benevolence in which we grow little by little. All thanks to the vision, the dedication, the intelligence of a strong woman. You have understood who I am talking about: our President Annick Peltyn!

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  1. Vanessa says:

    Congratulations on your investment and the quality meetings you organize! Thank you !

    1. Chantal says:

      I can only thank you for your comment and your appreciation, this is what allows me to grow and continue with energy.


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