Here is the testimony of Siti, one of my coachees who recently followed my Online Rebirth Program from Mayotte:


I came to know Issanaa by chance on Youtube and then through an interview that Master Dayem conducted with Issanaa.

I didn't immediately commit to coaching with Issanaa, but I knew deep down that I would, so much so that I wrote my commitment message long before I sent it to her. At that time, Image Consulting evoked nothing more in me than Relooking. It was in contact with Issanaa that I understood that Image Consulting did not stop there, far from it!

It was during the different modules of the Renaître Program and especially the one-to-one coaching that I understood in depth all that Image Consulting could bring me. This progressive awareness during the Program inevitably led to profound changes in the way I understood myself and allowed me to grasp the full importance of my image. Now I have to make radical changes in my wardrobe so that it corresponds to what I know I am today following the Reborn Program.

Image Consulting as I understand it today thanks to the Renaître Program makes me see that it is not only, for those who have understood the full importance of the image, the way of expressing and presenting the best version of oneself but also to manifest the energy signature of our image.

The Renaître Program is made up of modules and one-to-one coaching sessions. I was able to apply and obtain results from the first module and immediately I had this “Wow! It's awesome ! and that confirmed to me that I had the right choice. So I became aware of what were my colors, my morphology, my style. Above all, I understood what valued me and to have this pleasure of dressing in conscience and in the end of falling in love with myself.

I particularly liked the Style module. It's learning and understanding who we are and this all the more when it is associated with the Dress code which gives us the know-how to remain ourselves regardless of the circumstances.

Of course the Reborn Program has a cost but for me it is a justified investment because it brings us to the awareness of our energy signature which is timeless and will be ours for the rest of our life and that does not matter. no price. With Issanaa there is really an exchange of energy. For me, at the time of registration, my concern is that I did not have the money at hand and therefore there was the fear of not respecting my commitment. I thank the Creative Source for allowing me to complete the Reborn Program. Infinite gratitude!

To someone who doubts and hesitates to take the plunge, I would say to follow his heart and give life a chance. Of course I asked myself questions but the desire to discover the Program took over, I gave it a chance, I succeeded and today I am proud.

In conclusion, I would like to say that I am grateful and full of gratitude for everything that has been done during these months and especially for this one-to-one relationship with Issanaa. The Reborn Program is not limited to the energy of the image but goes much further and fully takes into account its "Reborn" part by bringing us in consciousness to a real rebirth.


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Here is the testimony of Dominique, one of my coachees who recently followed my Reborn Program online from Paris:

I decided to follow the Reborn Program of Image Consulting and Image Energy with hesitant steps.

Then, over the coaching sessions, the conviction of having made the right choice set in, boosted by your professionalism Issanaa.

I discovered a universe totally unknown until now but which each of us needs to bring to light the best version of ourselves in order to realize ourselves.

The Image Consulting and its various modules have been an enriching experience for me beyond my expectations and the results speak for themselves: the color, the dress-code, the beauty, the accessories, the silhouette, through the style of dress, have become instruments used on a daily basis and tuned with harmonious music.


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Here is the testimony of Natascha, one of my coachees who recently followed my Online Reborn Program from the Pyrenees:

It is through social networks and especially Youtube that I got to know Issanaa. In fact, I contacted Issanaa not for Image Consulting but in relation to one of his videos on his Youtube channel entitled The fear of your first public speaking. At the time, I knew nothing about Image Consulting and Image Energy. And it was during this first consultation that I approached Image Consulting and Image Energy for the first time and understood the importance that Image could have in all areas of daily life and not only for public speaking. So I signed up for his Reborn Program.

I am Natasha. I put my suitcases in the Pyrenees in Cathar country where I live with my companion. I exercise a salaried activity in the medical health and social.

From the first modules of the Renaître Program, in particular the one concerning colors, I was surprised, not to say amazed, by what Image Consulting brought me on a daily basis in the realization and expression of who I was.

Reborn is an intense and very complete Program with immediately applicable content. It is a Method with the most practical tools. It is a very good approach to connect and reconnect with oneself. The Reborn Program includes one-to-one video coaching once a week, documents to read and videos and photos for each of the modules.

I learned about the importance of knowing each other before making purchases. I realized that during all these years I had cluttered myself with clothes and accessories that did not suit me. Today, thanks to the Reborn Program, I got rid of the clutter. I feel light which is nice.

Now for me, thanks to the Reborn Program, Image Consulting is a broad and vast subject that requires specialized work and requires a lot of knowledge, whether in psychology as well as in human physiology. I particularly appreciated this link and this paralleling between Image Consulting and Image Energy, one reinforcing the other and opening the way for me to be me and me with me. And what satisfaction, once you get to the Style Module, to be able to tie it all together and understand how to elegantly and sensitively match what I am in the depths of myself with the image I project. Today, there is no longer any question for me of sticking to a makeover, but rather of highlighting my natural assets while remaining connected with myself.

So, to be truly consistent and harmonious in my outfits, I decided not to buy any more clothes or accessories before the end of my Reborn Program.

Following the Reborn Program is an extraordinary experience. In Reborn there is being born and being reborn. To be born and to be reborn are parallel but at the same time very different. Now I can say that I was born and I know what it means and what it means.

Throughout the Reborn Program, from its inception until today, for each module there has been this “Wow! ". This “Wow! was also there every week during each one-to-one coaching. It is a great joy and even an ecstasy to discover myself and to enter into myself with the 3 i,i,i. Wow! Gratitude for this magnificent work that you allow me to carry out with you Issanaa.

The Reborn Program has a cost but for me it is completely justified and it is certainly an investment. It is above all up to the value that we give ourselves. Self-care is priceless! For me its cost was not at all an obstacle. Anyway when I do something I always give the best of myself to get the best results. As Issanaa says, it's neither easy nor difficult, it's possible!

If an acquaintance was wondering about the advisability of enrolling in the Reborn Program and asked me for advice, I would say to him, “Put your doubts aside, have confidence in yourself and you will be a winner. And above all, if it's a question of cost, don't hesitate to speak frankly with Issaana”.

To conclude, I would say that we should be guided on Image Energy Consulting and even taught from an early age. It would allow us to save time and stop losing our own vital energy and above all to live the agreement of our three i,i,i



Here is the testimony of Isabelle, one of my coachees who recently followed my Online Reborn Program from Guadeloupe:

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Isabelle Avril Artisan-confectioner, Guadeloupe http://www.karaibconfiseries.com/fr

At first, I was a little puzzled about the reliability of the results of online self-image coaching.

The first thing that made me decide to embark on this wonderful adventure with you was that I realized that the image you sent back was in line with your words, which was not always the case when of my research with the other Image Consultants.

It was truly a unique experience. I understood that it was not just a story of clothing, it is much more than that. It is also about presence, self-esteem, self-confidence, the way we move, see ourselves, our smile, our posture. It's truly revealing the person you are and for me it was above all an inner transformation. It allowed me to understand myself better, to know myself better.

Today I feel like a woman, I feel beautiful and I know it shows. I receive more and more compliments: My son who says to me: “You are beautiful! Oh mom you are beautiful! ". It touches the mother that I am!

For me it's really a very complete program that allowed me to grow, to grow through my image.

In fact, it's a whole change every day, the joy of getting dressed, it becomes a game and no longer a puzzle. For me today the phrase "I have nothing left to wear" has less and less place.

I followed your program with great interest and intensity. Week after week, I left with concrete tools to enhance my image and it was a pleasure for me to put them into practice on a daily basis. Simple and very effective tools.

For me the cost is largely justified, I see it as an investment in oneself, in one's person, an investment whose results are clearly visible. I am more comfortable in my skin today, my non-verbal communication has evolved a lot both personally and professionally.

It is a unique and very enriching experience.

I particularly appreciated your availability, your professionalism, your kindness. You are a coach with an ultra-sensitive listening. I can only thank you for these wonderful weeks spent by your side.


Chantal ats beauty specialist oise





Christine Bonano Banker Paris

How do I perceive Image Consulting?

I think it can help, when you lack confidence, to have a better self-image by wearing clothes in which you feel good with colors that make you look good and also help to better assume the gaze of others. .

How do I feel about what we've done so far?

I still have areas to discover and experiment with but the few notions learned help me in my choices.

See you soon

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Vanessa Jadot Website creation, Web communication and SEO https://www.vanessajadot.fr/


Congratulations on your investment and the quality meetings you organize! Thank you !

Chantal ats beauty specialist oise


Your enthusiasm is palpable through your words. What joy in your words, it is delightful to read and wonderful to imagine yourself at the beginning of a new life as … simply as you express it. Everything seems to “flow naturally”!!!
I like to believe that one day the language of Shakespeare will be comprehensible to me!
Thank you for sharing and have a great week.

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Here is the testimony of Muriel Bourland Business Manager      

Muriel Bourland

It was a conference by Chantal that convinced me to call on her services. Although having already benefited from the services of an image consultant, Chantal's intervention really let me see a very different approach from what I had known and I did not hesitate to ask her to benefit of his advice. At this point I think it appropriate to say a few words about who I am. I am 56 years old, married and mother of three children. I work in Kriss-Laure products. What I like about this job is being able to meet so many people and find enrichment through all these contacts.

The work with Chantal was most rewarding. It was done in stages. While keeping her professionalism and her rigor, Chantal has not only been able to adapt to my needs, to make them tailor-made, but to ensure that everything goes smoothly and with complicity. I discovered, contrary to preconceived ideas, that Image Consulting was not just a few tricks for the decor but that it was much deeper and that there was really a lot of work behind it, a science and a highly structured techniques.

Above all, I gained greater reliability and self-confidence, the certainty of having gained credibility. I feel that working with you, Chantal, has allowed me to be more at ease, to realize myself in the search for my identity, to reveal myself to myself while remaining myself, to be more serene. It helped to optimize my own abilities, to develop my potential. Thanks to his advice, I felt that the blockages that I had disappeared. I appreciated his way of giving me access to these techniques, to this knowledge, without ever overwhelming me but on the contrary by giving me greater confidence and security. It allowed me to see more clearly and go more to the point.

What is surprising about Chantal is this extreme professionalism mixed with this great gentleness. I would not hesitate and have no hesitation in recommending her. This work that we did together was really “a work in light”.

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Florence Chouraqui

Dear Issanaa,
Bravo for this courage and this new life in London…and these beautiful and rewarding encounters.
I wish you success and fulfillment through your activity. The “beautiful and good image”…
yes WE can!

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Nene Vallejo

I think we all need image consulting at some point in our lives. There always comes that pivotal moment when we feel a little lost and image consulting can help us (after pregnancy, weight loss or gain, etc.).

Without forgetting that for me image consulting and personal development are closely linked. One does not go without the other. How do you find your style if you don't know each other, if you don't like each other? Or the opposite, how do I show others who I am, what image I want to give through my style?

This is in a nutshell what image consulting represents for me.

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Elisabeth Watripon Wealth Management Advisor

How I perceive image consulting:
As a global whole: personality analysis, activity, colors, make-up, silhouette. What I feel about what we have done together so far: it's a puzzle that is being built little by little. Each meeting allows you to progress. At first we wonder where we are going. Then the answers are part of a global logic. Some buried evidence is revealed: example bright colors for me. Others are still to settle in my mind, to work on. It's a collaborative work in the end, since you realize this advice, there are exchanges, and that I as a person begin to mature it and to implement it in part. There is still work to be done. From reflection to mature. Actions to put into practice.

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color test
Pascal Wick Ph.D

For me, Image Consulting is the tool par excellence to match in all circumstances what we are deep within ourselves and the image we project.

During my color test with Chantal and my 76 years old I felt that it not only confirmed what I felt partly instinctively but reinforced my ability to choose the colors that suit me, put me at ease and contribute to my harmony. The shopping session brought me this pleasure of dressing everyday that I had only rarely experienced until then. A ray of sunshine not to be overlooked in these times and which shows that there is no age to become young.