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What is the Makeover?

There are circumstances that encourage us to change our image on an ad hoc and temporary basis: witnessing our best friend's wedding, participation in a TV show, a job interview, a first romantic encounter...

So many events that can push us to adopt a look of circumstance. All the art is then not to do too much at the risk of not feeling comfortable with the projected image but still enough to mark the occasion. A skillful dosage that is not obvious.

  • The makeover is a one-time transformation of the image that requires a lot of work in a short time.
  • This is the media part of image consulting with a before and after.
  • It is generally an ephemeral change: the time of an evening, an event...
  • It is about transforming or transforming a person through their hairstyle, makeup and clothes.
  • It takes from a few hours to 1 or 2 days.
  • Relooking is often mistakenly confused with image consulting.

What is the Makeover?

  • The Makeover begins with a telephone interview.
  • This is really our first contact.
  • It allows me to answer any questions that you may still have to ask me after reading this presentation .
  • To decide by mutual agreement on an appointment.

I hope to have the pleasure of advising you on this occasion.

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