What are your best colors?

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We are all touched by color in all its forms...

The purpose of color analysis is to create visual harmony at the level of the image we project in order to bring us psychological and emotional well-being.

The objective of this workshop is to determine which colors suit you and make you look the best.

To harmonize is to balance… These colors must offer the same characteristics as your natural colours. We will look for an overall harmony between the complexion, the eyes, the hair and the color of the clothes, the make-up, the accessories...

This workshop is intended for both women and men.

Why is it important to know our best colors?

Bringing color to your appearance is a process that has immediate consequences. When we wear our best colors: our face lights up and takes on all its radiance, these colors blend into each other, are in harmony, give relief, radiance, light, definition, they refresh the complexion and give a healthy glow, give life and radiance to the eyes and hair...

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The wrong colors have the opposite effect: they break, slice, accentuate the irregularities of the skin and the defects of the face; deepen, accentuate, accentuate shadow areas, blur the complexion, yellow the skin, give a tired look; mark, pull the features down, sadden the look, dull, dull the hair, erase the oval of the face, cause a separation of the pigments of the skin...

To give color to one's appearance is to choose to radiate the beauty that is in oneself. Lilac, purple, burgundy red, anthracite grey, saffron, navy blue, petrol blue, emerald green… The list is long.

What will this colorimetry workshop bring you?

– A great complementarity of the colors of the clothes in your wardrobe and at the same time a better management of the clothes that compose it. In total may be less parts but better quality and better used parts.

– You'll be more likely to be able to wear more colors, not see that number shrink.

– It will allow you to create a balance between the colors of your clothes. The idea being to harmonize (reproduce) the colors of his face with those of the clothes, the make-up...

– The benefits of this support will be practical, emotional, economic…

– These benefits will be seen and felt both immediately and over months.

– In addition to clothing, this workshop on colors will also help you know how to highlight your face. You will adopt your good colors for the choice of your outfits, your accessories, your makeup, they will determine the color or highlights of your hair.

The technique I use to perform the color test is the Directional Method.

It was developed by First impressions in order to overcome the restrictions of the season system, while avoiding the shortcomings inherent in other processes, such as that of free selection!

The approach of the Directional Method is to define what are your chromatic characteristics, what is the strength of each of them and what is their order of importance.


2. COLD or HOT.


La Directional Method offers an infinite number of colors in relation to your individual skin tone.

The process is precise and logical, flexible and personalized, while being easy to understand…

In reality, the Directional Method allows an infinite number of individual variations because, within each combination of these three parameters, we will not find two people offering the same characteristics in exactly the same proportions

With the Directional Method there are up to 48 combinations of characteristics…

Concretely how do I proceed?

I place you in a seated position in front of a mirror and I apply the fabrics of different shades of color to seek an overall harmony between the complexion, the eyes, the hair and the color of the fabric.

My work is accompanied by explanations on the functioning of the Directional Method color analysis. I use the fabrics to illustrate the difference between the opposite characteristics of the colors.

My work will end with explanations on the use of wallets if you want to order them.

Beauty for me is a whole that encompasses the interior as well as the exterior. It's not just about artifice but about you in all that you are.

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Where do my services take place?

I live in London and of course I can receive you in London but I can also travel and when I say travel, I mean coming to Paris, Geneva, Brussels...

Anyway, my services are partly face-to-face but also partly through the Internet (Skype, Zoom, Webinar, etc.).

London, the city par excellence of “Shopping”! It is certain that as an Image Consultant and Personal Shopper in London, I can make you live an enriching and satisfying experience that will see you leave with outfits that suit you, highlight you and with excellent value for money. .

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