Shopping/Personal Shopper support

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A shopping trip is being prepared, it must be economical and efficient, it must be a source of solutions and not of problems.

The purpose of this workshop is not just to shop, my goal is to teach you how to shop, to shop like a pro. A workshop that will teach you to think about your purchases well to put an end to compensatory purchases, blues, crush, whim, purchases that remain in the back of the closet, only clutter you up and cost you money. silver.
What I want above all to convey to you in this workshop is a simple and effective method with the idea that once your support is over, you are in autumn. I also guide you in the choice of brands…

Shopping cannot be improvised. Some sellers can indeed help you, but others will think first and foremost about their commission.

Imagine you are in a store trying on an item of clothing. You feel that the garment does not fit you as you would like and the salesperson tells you: “You are badly positioned there. But you're fine. You just have to position yourself well”. And there, if you are not careful, you have a good chance of leaving with a garment that you risk never putting on because you have been badly advised.

Or you have a crush: it's a nice top or a blouse, but once at home you can't put it on because you don't have anything that goes with it. It's like buying your shoes not in pairs but one by one, even if you end up with mismatched shoes. Not only will you have spent money for nothing, but you will have cluttered your closet.

These are two examples among many others

This consultation is for you if:

  • You need an accompaniment to go shopping.
  • You want to learn how to shop.
  • You don't have fun shopping.
  • You want to know how to buy quality and save time in stores.
  • You want to make the wise choices.
  • Do you simply need the services of a personal shopper to make your shopping fun?

What will this support bring you?

  • It will make you rediscover the joy of shopping and dressing up.
  • It will free you from fear, frustration, disappointment, doubt, questioning, dissatisfaction. So many consequences of a badly lived shopping experience.

This workshop is intended for both women and men.


For an Image that gives you an imposing look: We discuss it!

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Where do my services take place?

I live in London and of course I can receive you in London but I can also travel and when I say travel, I mean coming to Paris, Geneva, Brussels...

Anyway, my services are partly face-to-face but also partly through the Internet (Skype, Zoom, Webinar, etc.).

London, the city par excellence of “Shopping”! It is certain that as an Image Consultant and Personal Shopper in London, I can make you live an enriching and satisfying experience that will see you leave with outfits that suit you, highlight you and with excellent value for money. .

You have more questions ? Tell me, I will answer you as soon as possible.