"Going from: 'I don't know if my man still loves me' To: 'Feeling stronger than ever!' " It's possible ! »

Go from: "I don't know if my man still loves me". Au: “Feeling stronger than ever! ". It's possible !

What a married woman confided to me recently, and unfortunately she is not the first, far from it:

“I've never been very enterprising, I never needed to be, but today I don't know if my man still loves me – he doesn't see me anymore. He didn't touch me, I don't even know for how long. At first I joked with him. Today it is no longer possible, it is no longer a joke. I feel like it's too late. »

And she breaks down in tears.😭

As strange as it may seem, such confessions make me think of “Story of O”, one of my favorite erotic books. It is through the story of its publication that I link it to these sad and painful confessions.

"Story of O" appeared in 1954, its author, Pauline Réage, is unknown and remains a mystery. It is assumed to be a pseudonym. We try to attribute the book to Jean Paulhan, André Malraux or Henry de Montherlant... It was in 1994, fifty years after its publication that Dominique Aury, a woman of authority and power in the world of French publishing, admitted finally officially in an interview with "The New Yorker" to have been the mysterious author of Histoire d'O. She explains that it was around the age of forty, feeling her lover moving away from her, that she wrote this story, “I was not young, I was not pretty. I had to find other weapons”.

It is these "other weapons" that encourage and allow Pauline Réage to dare to go into transgression, insubordination, provocation, to get out of the classic and respectful patterns, these patterns of the "right-thinking" that we inculcate since birth, those who fix us, freeze us, limit us, not to say suffocate us.

And that's where for me "Story of O" can be an inspiration for this woman who confides in me her distress and despair. This is an opportunity for her to “find “her other weapons”. Those that will give him the strength to dare, dare to leave his comfort zone, known paths, borrowed and reborrowed, until causing this click which opens him to the possibility of really connecting to what vibrates at the deepest of her outside of any diktat imposed and suffered. It is then the energy and the possibility of affirming “one's intimacy and beauty”.👏

Isn't this then the opportunity to really take our image in hand, to make it consistent with what we live and participate fully in overcoming our despair and helping us to feel stronger than never !

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