You Can't Please Everyone

You Can't Please Everyone

As an Image Coach, in this time of pandemic, confinement, recession, many comments following my posts challenge me to wonder if I wouldn't have better things to do than talk about image. Almost a year ago now when Covid 19 attacked us, whether here in Britain, France, Europe and around the world, I have already responded to such comments by showing that On the contrary, taking care of one's image was one of the effective, clever and intelligent ways among others to face this crisis which, if we were not careful, could drag us individually into fear, anxiety and depression.

Taking care of your image on a daily basis means bringing beauty into our lives and into those of those around us and who see us. And beauty, in whatever form, uplifts us, enlightens us, delights us. Isn't this what we need to preserve a little bit of serenity, height and detachment? For me, there is every reason to do it even more in times of pandemic.

You Can't Please Everyone
The Merchie Frazier Smithonian American Art Museum


But I know that there is also another reason for these critical comments, sometimes derogatory if not aggressive: it is quite simply that we cannot please everyone. And on social networks it is sometimes very difficult to know how to make sense of things. As an entrepreneur using social networks this is even more difficult. Our position is to say the least ambivalent: on the one hand we are looking for “Likes” or their equivalent. Isn't it fair to think that the more we have, the better our business can be. This would encourage us to do what is necessary to reduce negative comments as much as possible and thereby encourage us to please as many people as possible. But isn't wanting to please the greatest number, as Bill Cosby so aptly puts it, going straight to the wall:

"I don't know the secret to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone! » ?

With the background and the character that I have, there is not too much risk that I will do my job as an Image Consultant with the hope of wanting to please everyone. The very idea of ​​wanting to please in the context of my work is foreign to me. Raised in an African slum, bruised in my body at thirteen, Image Consulting has been the resource that has allowed me, more than any other, to heal myself and make me where I am today. . I feel indebted to Image Consulting for what it has given me. He realized my uniqueness, matched my interior and my exterior, made me feel at home in all circumstances. He generated in me this strength and this will to transmit. Being an Image Consultant before being my job is my passion and my mission. I'm not here to please, I'm here to transmit what I received: relief, deliverance, light.

With all the women with whom I have exchanged through my job as an Image Consultant, and there are many of them, there are very few who somewhere had not been bruised. There is no need to exchange for hours and to dig a lot to bring out more or less hidden pain and, each time for those who have followed my "Reborn" program, there has been this relief, this deliverance, this light.

To live this liberating experience and so that you can take the first step, make an appointment with me for an energy balance coaching of your Image and together in 1 hour and a half of time and we will meet your resonance to allow you to say to the world what is your true value and put it in resonance with your Image.

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