Naturopath Anastasia Venediktova


I think that like me you feel that having a therapist in whom we trust can be of great importance in our daily life and go so far as to greatly alleviate our feeling of insecurity. Of course, it is a two-way relationship which implies, in addition to the patient's confidence in the therapist's competence, mutual respect as well as shared listening and openness.

Naturopath Anastassia Venediktova

I happened to meet such a therapist. It was through a client that I met Anastasia. A client with whom, over the years, I have established a relationship of mutual respect and appreciation and who, through the trust she places in me, has brought me many other clients. I don't usually brag about anyone but I couldn't not share this meeting with you. Anastasia is a naturopath in Chantilly.

Through the consultations I had with Anastasia, both for my children and for myself, I felt that there was a great agreement between us on our understanding of life. There is in her, as in me, this conviction that we are the actors of our lives and that as long as we listen to what we are in the depths of our being, we have the power with the help of knowledge of the therapist to act positively on our health and well-being. It is recognized in the medical scientific literature that when such an approach is shared by both the therapist and the patient the chances of healing become much greater.

All my professional activity relates to beauty, whether exterior or interior, one does not go without the other. As such, in my relations with my customers, the hygiene of life is a subject regularly discussed since it has a direct impact on our beauty, our harmony and our well-being. It turns out that many of my clients tell me about problems relating to their physiological as well as psychological balance and ask me for advice. For example, I regularly have clients who have skin problems, particularly in the scalp. These are situations for which I really want to find solutions. I believe that the knowledge necessary to remedy these situations is an integral part of the knowledge that I must possess. Thanks to my constant desire for training and my experience, these are in most cases situations that I know how to remedy. However, I sometimes find myself faced with puzzles where I feel that the advice of a professional therapist is necessary. Today, thanks to the confidence I have in Anastasia's diagnosis and recommendations, I can safely suggest that my clients consult her. This is an important plus in the exercise of my activity both for me and for my customers.

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