My wishes for 2019: Accept yourself as you are!

My wishes for 2019, image consulting

My beauties!

I would like to wish you a happy new year 2019. But above all what I would like to wish you is to be good with yourself, to accept yourself as you are. In my opinion, this is the royal road to radiate, to radiate the beauty which, in one form or another, lives in each and every one of us. For this I would like to share with you a video that inspired me and which, I hope, will inspire you in turn. It's a video-reflection of Rossy de Palma, Almodovar's great favorite actress.

Source: Konbini

For me she is the very example of the woman who not only accepts herself as she is but makes what she is all her beauty and her charm. And this while it is far from corresponding to the criteria of imposed and recognized beauty. As she says:

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« You don't like my nose! But I don't mind. I go on with my life with my nose as it is ».

Of course it takes strength to respond to someone who tells her he doesn't like her nose, which she must have heard:

« But it doesn't bother me" implying that you like my nose or you don't, and to continue "I continue my life with my nose as it is ».

And, my God! It is certain that she continued her life. Even to the point where her nose has become one of her charms and is an integral part of the beauty that emanates from her person.

I feel that she is giving us the example and the key to an approach that each and every one of us can take. Of course, it is a journey that requires courage and knowledge. The courage to tell yourself, even before telling others:

« You don't like my nose! But I don't mind. I go on with my life with my nose as it is ».

And, in addition to courage, asks for the knowledge of who one is. Because to accept yourself as you still are, you have to know yourself. And getting to know who you are requires sensitivity, intelligence, openness, will, curiosity and perseverance. A whole journey that is not self-evident but that, with the qualities mentioned above, each and every one of us can follow. It is the journey of a lifetime. Knowing how to know and accepting yourself as you are is never acquired. At thirty it's one thing, at fifty another, as for 75 it's obviously another thing.

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Source: Future Chosen

I think it's a path that can be considerably helped, facilitated, encouraged and guided by role models, whether it's a mother, an aunt, a friend, a more or less famous, a romantic character, as many individuals with whom we can partially identify. So many individuals who will inspire us to find what makes us and no one else. Alongside these role models, I also know that there is knowledge, knowledge which does not fall from the sky as a gift and which is in no way innate but which requires that we devote time and effort to it. energy to approach it and acquire it. A knowledge which has been formalized and which is taught and passed on. A knowledge that relates mainly to colors,

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Source: Angele Etoundi Essamba

to forms and styles and which cannot be pure improvisation if one does not have the necessary bases to know its best colors, what are the outfits that highlight us and what are the styles that suit us.

This is the job of the Image Consultant that I am. A job that is my passion and in which I fulfill myself fully and with pleasure. To help a person find the beauty that is within them, that is unique to them, and that they manage to express it fully for their greater good is for me a moment of sharing, satisfaction and joy. When this happens I always have this feeling and this image of having contributed to the hatching of a button into a flower. My dearest wish for this new year 2019 is that this outbreak and this fulfillment, with my contribution or not, happen to as many of you as possible, my beauties. May you walk in beauty and elegance throughout this year 2019!

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My final word, a quote from Steve Jobs:

“Have the courage to follow your heart and your intuition. Both know what you really want to become. The rest is secondary.”


2 thoughts on "My wishes for 2019: Accept yourself as you are!"

  1. Myriam says:

    Dear Chantal,
    Before I forget, I would like to take a few moments to thank you for your nice wishes and especially for the testimony of Rosa di Palma which I really liked! She plays really well… And in addition I discover her under another facet. Very nice ! What a lesson she gives us like this… Thank you Chantal!
    I kiss you and say see you very soon.
    Be well.

    1. Chantal says:

      Hello Dear Miriam,
      Thank you for your appreciation of the wishes I sent you and the video of Rossy de Palma. Holy good woman!
      I hope this year has started well for you and that it will see the progress and realization of your projects.
      Take care and see you soon.
      I kiss you, Chantal


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