Mentoring and exchange energy

It wasn't the first time and it wasn't the last, far from it, but that one I remember like it was yesterday.

 It must have been in 2012, I had finished a beauty service on a client in my salon. We were talking, when she said to me, “You should get paid”. I answer him: “What are you talking about? You just paid me”. "But no! I'm not talking about that. You know well!". "No I do not know!" "Well! When you talk to me like that, as you were doing earlier, you give me a lot! Every time I come to your home for a beauty service, I leave different than when I came. Somewhere there is transformation. You're the one doing this. It's what you give. And you know, you have to know how to respect the energy of exchange. Not respecting it is not good for you who give”. "Yes! I heard you”.

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 And my faith, since then it has only increased! Let's take the last women who have followed my Reborn Program. It's not to say, but there is one that I brought home when she had been in her car for several days in a Pyrenean forest in the middle of winter. Another who no longer knew what to do with the human droppings that she found every morning in front of her door, and others with stories that one could imagine far from Consulting and Image Coaching.

 It reminds me of a Jewish story told by a friend, himself a Jew somewhere: It takes place in Poland in the XNUMXth century in a Jewish community. The rabbi of the community no longer has time to live, the members of his community come all the time and at any time to ask him for advice: should I buy this land or not? marry my daughter to so-and-so or not, buy this pair of shoes or not. The rabbi spends his entire day answering questions that most of the time shouldn't concern him.

To put an end to this situation and limit the number of questions that can be asked, he decides to charge for his answers. One fine day on his door he hangs a sign on which one can read:

 Answer to two questions = 1 zloty

 The Jewish community is moved and meets to decide together to face this new situation. Everyone recognizes that the price of 1 zloty for the answer to two questions is really excessive. So they decide to send a representative to ask the rabbi to drastically reduce the price of his answers. They choose who will represent them.

 The representative therefore arrives at the rabbi and begins by saying to the rabbi:

« Don't you think that 1 zloty for the answer to two questions is really an excessive price? »

The rabbi's response is not long in coming:

« Indeed, I agree with you, 1 zloty for the answer to two questions is not cheap! What is your second question? »

 This is not where I place myself but nevertheless it makes me happy to share with you this story that I love, typical of Jewish humor. I think that for me as for each of you it is good that we respect the fundamental law of the balance of the energy of exchange. As you know, "nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed!" ".

I want to continue to be a source of transformation. I would like these exchanges, which I value, to take place within the framework of what I will call “mentoring”. If you consult Wikipedia, mentoring is defined as a relationship between two people that aims for both professional and personal development. And that's what it's all about!

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