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If after browsing my site, learning about my services, visiting my Blog... you feel the urge to have direct contact with Issanaa, I invite you to say hello directly on WhatsApp and I will come back to you for you. propose a 15-minute telephone or video appointment that I offer to you.

The opportunity to take stock, to know where you are, and to decide, if there is compatibility to work together.

Are you ready to take the step! 

WhatsApp Issanaa: +44 7405 712220 📞

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    If you're looking for where to find me, it's here!

    Where am I ?

    I live in London and of course I can receive you in London but I can also travel and when I say travel, I mean coming to Paris, Geneva, Brussels...

    Anyway, my consultations are partly face-to-face but also partly through the Internet (Zoom, Webinar, etc.).

    London, the city par excellence of “Shopping”! It is certain that as an Image Consultant and Personal Shopper in London, I can make you live an enriching and satisfying experience that will see you leave with outfits that suit you, highlight you and with excellent value for money. .