Lack of self-confidence, femininity, sensuality: what I know and can do for you!

Lack of self-confidence, femininity, sensuality

I spent years and years training myself in the professions of beauty, image and aesthetics and today I continue to train myself. What I want to bring to my clients is the quintessence of what life has taught me, what my mentors🎓🎓 have taught me, what my training has taught me.👩🏫👨🏫

If you are here for lack of self-confidence, femininity, sensuality, to find an image that not only suits you more but remedies these frustrations, then you have come to the right place. I invite you to get to know each other better🧠 for you to tell me what you want this image that you wish to project to be. A sharing that will make you better aware of the situation you are experiencing and will encourage you to make the right choice to borrow👣👣 the path that will truly take you where you want to be.

Internet💻 books(I.e.📗, it's great, I use them and I like it❤️, but my job is not your job! How much longer are you going to snoop around the internet for information that will ease your pain, how many more books are you going to read, how many shows are you going to watch?

If you really decide to take your problem in hand, you need a framework, a process, professionalism. You have to have confidence in the proposed framework and process, trust in the person who offers you this framework and this process and finally have self-confidence to feel capable and be determined to do what is necessary to move from the present situation to the desired situation.(I.e.

Thinking about finding knowledge🤩 necessary practices by gleaning them from right to left and finding the necessary motivation alone to embark on the path of transformation is a bet that I know, from the testimony of many of my clients, has little chance of succeeding.😭

of all time those who have achieved results have chosen mentors, myself today I have my mentors???? ????, who themselves have their mentors. This is how you progress, how you reach resolution🤔 of a problem.

One of my mentors???? ???? often took the example of the specialist, the surgeon. If you have a specific pathology, don't you go and consult someone who has studied your pathology and has the techniques, knowledge and experience to solve your problem? If you have heart problems, of course you will inform yourself as much as you can on the internet, consult the literature. But isn't all this above all to try to better understand what is happening to you and what the cardiologist you are going to consult will communicate to you?

I'm not a cardiologist and won't give you any advice about your heart, but when it comes to your self-confidence, your femininity, your sensuality, your look, I did everything right and I I have everything you need to be able to take you, with your determination and commitment, where you want to be.

To do this, book your place now for an Image Consulting diagnosis????🕶🥿

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