My Femininity! I'm having trouble knowing which way to take it. How do I get comfortable with her?

Elderly Helper, Higher Helper, Student Helper, Long Keep in Mind

First, your femininity it is in you, no need to seek it elsewhere. It is sure that it is the fruit of a lot of influences. Fruit of all these influences, good and bad, it exists in you, like your masculinity. But let's keep it simple and focus on your femininity. I grant you, it is not because it is in us that it is easy to know. To know it in all its aspects, you have to want it! It's not that it's hard or easy, but it is possible. The help of a third party, especially a qualified third party, can avoid many errors.

Once known, from there to know how to express it, manifest it, how to embody it, it's another pair of sleeves!

I would like to ask you a question: "Imagine that you were in this situation, that you found yourself with your femininity and want to manifest it. Just at the level of expressing the energy of your image, don't you think that knowing your good colors gives you a better chance of expressing in a fair, authentic way, as much or as little as you want? , your femininity ? Answer me frankly!

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