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Summary: In 2016 I joined Sylvain Carufel's "Vivre de sa Passion" training. On April 27 and 28, 2019, several cohorts of “Vivre de sa Passion” students gathered in Toulouse for a meeting organized by Sylvain Carufel and his team. Two days full of discoveries, meetings, exchanges and energy between beautiful people.


Keywords: Toulouse, energy, sharing, emulation, benevolence, Living from your Passion, Facebook live


Two weeks already since Sylvain brought us together in Toulouse. For me it was yesterday. I can't believe that 15 days have passed since these 9 hours spent together. All this energy, all this sharing, all this emulation, all this benevolence, all this encouragement are always present in me. Today, May 2019, XNUMX, Toulouse lives in me!

Through Sylvain's simplicity, enthusiasm and generosity, I felt in Toulouse all the greatness of "Living on his Passion". Thanks to his charisma and his leadership, he knows how to attract quality individuals both among the people who surround him and work alongside him and among those who, like me, attend and participate in his meetings. It was for me, after Marseille in 2016, the second time that I was present at a "Live Europe Vivre De Sa Passion". I appreciated the restrained and intimate dimension of Toulouse. It was a great opportunity to meet and reunite. So many opportunities to share, discover, learn, create links and, why not, do business in a win-win spirit.

Fabienne challenged us to leave with quo-team members and maintain a relationship for the coming year.

That day I didn't look for anything but in a completely unexpected and natural way with Olivier Andriason, a pediatrician accompanied by his daughter, we chose each other. Since Olivier took the lead and called me which was very nice to me.

There is a lot of fun between the pediatrician and the image consultant and it's a safe bet that the exchange will be rich and can only broaden our horizons.

Unofficially but all that is most unofficial, I also left with another quo-teammate for an exchange that could very well go beyond the coming year. Time will tell !

As for Sylvain, he challenged us to do a Facebook live. It will be done, woman's word!

I so want to thank Sabine, Caro, Daniel, Françoise, Magalie (meditation)… And of course Émilie who, although not there in person, was really present among us through Sylvain. A nod to those of the 2016 cohort: Valérie, Laurine, Fabienne, Laurent whom I had so much pleasure meeting, without forgetting our dean Philippe. And a moved thought to Julie, Gilbert and everyone present.

What could be more satisfying, more beautiful, than Living from your Passion! Thank you again Sylvain for inspiring us and for being the example that you are!


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