The image ! superficial ! But of course ! The proof !

The image ! superficial ! But of course ! The proof !

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Who has not heard or even thought at one time or another that taking care of one's image is superficial!

That only superficial people care about their image?

And yet!

Let's take a closer look!

Moreover, on this subject, I will refer you to a news item that I wrote in 2017 and which retains all its relevance by clicking on " Why is the image so divisive? ».

I have no doubt that you know who Emmanuel Macron or Jean Luc Mélenchon is.

Do you really think they are superficial people?

To be where they are, a position where the competition is the toughest, I think they needed seriousness, perseverance and consistency. So many character traits that do not coexist easily with superficiality.

The image ! superficial ! But of course ! The proof !
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These are individuals who have set goals and have done what is necessary to achieve them.

Do not take them seriously! Superficial people! No, but you're kidding!

What relationship will you tell me with the image and the fact of taking care of its image?

Little reminder :

Tuesday, June 27, 2017, deputies from La France Insoumise (LFI), including Jean Luc Mélenchon, François Ruffin, Alexis Corbière and Bastien Lachaud, showed up at the Palais Bourbon without a tie for the first session of the new legislature. Jean Luc Mélenchon explained that it was in order to “reject dress codes that are imposed on us. In the past, there were sans-culottes in the Assembly, today there will be sans-cravats”.



The image ! superficial ! But of course ! The proof !
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To which Aurore Bergé deputy of Yvelines La République en Marche (LREM) replied: “To say of popular France to come scruffy to the National Assembly is to disrespect its voters”

This says a lot about the importance of image for our elected representatives, individuals who are not superficial, believe me!

As you see almost daily, whether on television or in magazines, there is a difference in "dress style" between Emmanuel Macron and Jean Luc Mélenchon.

Do you really think that their style is pure chance, that as serious people they have no interest in it, that they do not attach any importance to it and that they dress in the first garment that falls to hand?

You laugh !

You know very well that both attach the greatest importance to their image.

So ! Taking care of your image is superficial!

In turn, be "serious", take care, with the utmost care, of your image and watch my webinar.

See you very soon!



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