The 3 funny souls: "between oneself" in a time of introspection offered by the universe...

"It's your way, and yours alone, others can walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you."


I don't believe in chance. My path crossed that of Carole and Hafida. Spontaneously and instantly the fusion took place. What emerged was a will, a joy, an enthusiasm that could only lead us to work together. We had to meet.

By our origins, our experiences, our expertise, we are three women of the present and the future. Three women who can only encourage, comfort, open the fields of possibilities to all their sisters, whoever they are, wherever they are. 




On the side of Carole GERVASON Head of Transformation Training Creator of the Pink Your Life movement and program

  1. Avoid words that feed evils,such confinements, quarantine, confinement….  

Otherwise your brain will assimilate it as a new belief so your behavior will be that of a limited person. You can stay in your house while feeling more free to taste this time of existence offered by the universe. Do not confuse freedom with distraction and restlessness. Freedom is simply being at peace with yourself. Since when have you not had all this free time to take care of yourself? Isn't this a unique opportunity, I take the example for me in 50 years this is the first time that I have so much time off.

  1. Practicing Self-Feeding Your Heart in Self-Hypnosis.
    Mediation and prayer.

You are a woman so you are generous, but now the person to feed and take care of is YOU!

The question to ask yourself is what factor in your personality is your greatest strength?

  1. Solution oriented introspection rather than problem.

How do you conduct your introspections? If you ask yourself the "why" it increases your confusion.

I suggest that you fix your attention on the "commentary" to bring out the solutions, as in solution-oriented therapy

  1. See the best and most beautiful in every situation

My advice practice PYL KINT the protocol from the ancestral art KINTSUGI
Resilience is not just overcoming the test, it is transforming your suffering into GOLD. It may be that from this time offered by the universe something good comes out of it.

5.Feed yourself intellectually and emotionally by all that is beautiful to get out of the limitations of which you are the object.



The 3 funny souls: "between oneself" in a time of introspection offered by the universe.



“The gift of what you ARE and what emanates from YOU is limitless….
Unlike anything you can take in this world!”

Hafida B. – Lille 







In my opinion, everyone composes with own resources faced with an unprecedented and identical situation for all.

Here are 5 new “wellness” suggestions for you:

1/ Treat yourself to a SILENCE ALLOWED  to welcome his fluctuating emotions, observe them, listen to what they have to say about us about our heckled values

2/ Update the list of your desires and… especially the list of its VALUES : Draw your podium of values ​​dictated by the heart

3/ Access theHEART INTELLIGENCE and activate its 6 superpowers (AGRIIP) to oneself and to others: Love – Gratitude – Resilience – Intuition – Intention – Forgiveness

4/ Slow down and practice MINDFULNESS and no longer the “mindfullmess!” »
Focus on the photo of someone you love for a few minutes or on an element of nature: a tree, the sky, a cloud to bring you back here and now...

5/ Breathe: INHALE/EXHALE breathe consciously while feeling throughout your heart, your body and your cells this air which enters and leaves... double immediate physiological benefit and medium and long term immune benefit!

& a bonus…. : What if you asked yourself these 3 questions now?
Answer in comments, I will be happy to discuss with you to deepen your ability to answer, where you are...

- How can I concretely offer myself a chosen time of silence?
– What can I remove now from my life: What encumbers me and prevents me from BEING and nothing else?
– What do I have best to offer my community? 

We all have something within us that is greater than us, a gift that is beyond us….


“Returning to number 1 in times of crisis” is an absolute necessity in my opinion.
I have developed 2 protocols over 25 years of experimentation renewed and enriched over time:
years ago ONE method Dare to Feed your Exception...
Method driven, supported and validated by the infinite power of the heart… YES  the intelligence of the heart for the benefit of the women businesswomen or leaders that I accompany.
These 2 protocols allow them to return to number #1 in their lives and dare to feed their exception in harmony, THE HEART WIDE OPEN...
AMMOURE in 7 wise steps that I share with you on request and in my face-to-face support
AGRIIP in 6 superpowers that we will discover together... The use of the 6 superpowers of the heart is one of the rare keys that I have at heart to share to accompany people towards their rightful and good place and to keep it...

ONE It's by ironing Number ONE of our life
and Daring to Feed our Exception that we contribute to the change of our world!

To know more about Hafida




The 3 funny souls: "between oneself" in a time of introspection offered by the universe.



“I want to tell the woman that without her humanity is lost!”

Chantal ATS – London









I think we certainly all agree that the whole world is going through a unique, exceptional but certainly not the most pleasant situation. I know talking about beauty may seem out of place at a time when this virus and death are on the prowl.
But I feel that for our survival, not to let ourselves be overcome by fear and anxiety also not to let go beauty can help us. But how will you tell me?
Rather than moping around, I encourage you to keep this respect for yourself and for your loved ones.
Isn't it precisely in this time of self offered by the universe that we most need beauty, she who can contribute and continue to illuminate our days?
Mwe advise: I'm going to talk to you about dress-codes. Dress codes are levels of clothing defined by circumstances.
We are confined so the circumstances are very limited. This does not prevent us from taking advantage of it for the good of all.
Imagine you decide[pw1]  that tomorrow evening's meal will be by candlelight with chocolate fondant cake and that for the occasion you decide for your pleasure and for the pleasure of all to make yourself beautiful.
This brings me to talk to you about dress code. The most obvious dress code when you're at home is the casual dress code. But for this evening-dinner by candlelight you are going to upgrade it by taking care of it and giving it a social dimension.
In fact you are going to switch to a dress code that I would call the dress-code Casual Neat.
Imagine yourself in a few years, far from the pandemic, with those with whom you shared this evening with candles and chocolate fondant.
Will it not be the evocation of a moment of joy and perhaps even happiness? Everyone will remember how delicious the chocolate fudge was and how beautiful and radiant you looked!
For me, beauty is a grace, it is a gift offered by the universe
For me, another way to bounce back from this situation and the introspection offered by the universe is to take into account the means we have today thanks to the internet and take advantage of this period of confinement to train ourselves in line, getting ahead of the future. Serious training and diplomas. I myself have subscribed and am following two online training courses related to my work and I am very satisfied.
From what I have experienced, I am particularly sensitive to violence against children and women and I unfortunately know that in this period of self-isolation and confinement, it has only increased. It leaves me speechless.
I want to tell the woman that without her humanity is lost!
That if she can't run that she walks, that if she can't walk that she crawls, but that whatever she suffers, my God, that she gets out of it!
I was delighted to bring you my feminine look.

The 3 funny souls: "between oneself" in a time of introspection offered by the universe.
Paz Watzla


In these times of introspection offered by the universe, let's not abandon joy, let's know how to find it where it offers itself to us, what it does at all times and in all places, it is enough to see

As I started, I will end with a quote. Rumi another time, another era. Amadou Hampâté Bâ, another time, another continent. Wisdom has neither age nor nationality!

"Everyone burst out laughing. Wangrin did the same while saying: “Laugh and let us laugh together, because laughter is the best thermometer of health and happiness”. Amadou Hampâté Bâ



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