The sequin: How to shine in style

How to Wear a Sequin Jacket


If there is a garment associated with this festive period, it is the sequin. It sparkles, shines and catches the eye just like the Venetian gold coin minted in the XNUMXth century from which it takes its name. To wear it with elegance and style there are certain rules to respect that I would like to share with you.





I think it is worn to catch the eye so it should stand out from the rest of the clothing. You will never go wrong by combining it with other sober pieces both in their cut and in their color. Complexity does not suit them.

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 By combining an old or neutral piece with a sequin you will always be right.

To wear a sequin is to want to shine and to shine with elegance you need simple and pure lines.

Question color there is no reason to be confined in black or silver. Today sequins come in a wide range of colors and there is no reason not to try experimenting with different colors. But once again it is necessary to remain in sobriety and not to associate more than two or three.


The risk that must be avoided at all costs is to look like fireworks where each piece competes with the other, where none is highlighted and where everything is lost in the disorder.




A sequined jacket is a basic that will especially suit a person with a silhouette in while the sequin skirt is a basic that can be worn in any season, especially by a woman with a figure in V.

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If you are reluctant to take the step and wear a sequined piece, there is always the possibility of going through accessories decorated with sequins: a bag or a clutch, shoes (pumps, ballet flats, etc.), a piece of jewelry, etc. an alternative that will allow you to easily express your personality and your style.

draw me a shoe
draw me a shoe


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