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Make-up guarantees you a good-looking effect. It contributes to your social personality and necessarily to the famous first good impression that you project on those around you. Just like for the style in each circumstance its make-up…

It goes without saying that you cannot consider makeup without having well-groomed skin. For a successful make-up, the skin must be clean...

All make-up requires quality tools, otherwise you'll start off on the wrong footing. These tools must be clean and disinfected. In any case, they must be cleaned regularly, otherwise they risk depositing pathogenic bacteria on your face...




Makeup involves several steps. Moreover, if you do not have time to carry out the different stages of make-up, you can at least work on your complexion, in order to highlight your person a little. For those with normal to combination skin, nothing prevents you from opting for a natural complexion with a tinted cream...

The complexion:

For the complexion, I particularly appreciate the “Bobbi Brown” brand, which confirms my desire for “naturalness” and my desire to remain myself.

Bobby brown
bobbi brown

For a perfect makeup, even minimalist, the complexion must be flawless.

Do not overload your makeup, but work on every detail. Natural makeup can be a good ally.

We will start with the different stages of achieving your complexion:

  1. La base

It must be moisturizing or mattifying depending on your skin type…

To have a perfect complexion, you have therefore understood the importance of skin care.

The base is essential.

  1. The foundation

The foundation will allow you to unify your complexion. It should match your skin tone.

A pretty complexion works subtly. Always keep in mind that when it comes to fashion, style and beauty you have to have an eye for detail. They are the ones who will make all the difference. Eh yes ! This also goes for makeup.

Depending on your skin type or your problem, you can replace the foundation with one of the new generation tinted creams (BB cream, CC cream or DD cream).

36615708 - model face of beautiful woman with foundation on skin make-up cosmetics.

  1. The essential concealer (not to be confused with illuminator)

The concealer helps to fade dark circles, red spots...

You can of course put an illuminator, but only after the concealer, otherwise your illuminator will do you absolutely nothing, it may even have the opposite effect...

  1. The powdere

It is essential to fix your makeup.

  1. The Highlighter

It is a complexion illuminator. Even if it is not mandatory, it highlights the reliefs of the face such as the bridge of the nose, the chin, the top of the cheekbones...

It gives you glow. Use it lightly and sparingly...

The eyes:14421816 - make-up eyebrow makeup brown eyes

  1. Eyebrow makeup

The importance of eyebrows should not be overlooked. First of all, you have to draw them to structure the look. They must then be filled in, fleshed out and worked on, always making sure to do so with the natural color of your eyebrows or at most a half tone lighter.

  1. The eyelids

To make up your eyelids, think first of the base. This is what will give you better hold over time of your eyelid headlight.

  1. The eye contour pencil

A well-chosen pencil can make all the difference. Why not try a beautiful long-lasting or waterproof black pencil. The "blinc" brand offers a wide choice of pencil colors ranging from black, brown, gray, blue, purple, to white.

  1. The eyeliner

It will give you a sparkling look.

I love the one from the “blinc” brand, once again for its waterproof aspect. Personally this is the one I use and it is water resistant. There is no risk of burrs and the quality is pretty good.

  1. The maska

48493067 - mascara for make-up isolated on white background

Make-up remains incomplete without mascara. It is therefore essential even for a minimalist makeup.

It will curl your eyelashes and intensify your gaze.

The lips :

Just like for the complexion, it is necessary to have neat lips. Remember to do a maintenance scrub once a week or even more if necessary, to remove dead skin...

It is therefore necessary to have well-groomed and hydrated lips before any make-up of your lips.

  1. The lip contour pencil

Always take it in the same shade as the lipstick.

It should never be darker than the lipstick.

The lip pencil: it is a good ally for holding your lipstick.

  1. Lipstick


This is one of the products that never leaves me. It is the symbol of femininity in makeup. It is therefore necessary to work your lips to sublimate them.

A lunch, a dinner: a little trip to the bathroom to revive your lipstick and enhance your lips. At the exit of the metro, just before a professional or romantic meeting, think about reviving your lips.

  1. The lip gloss

It's the lip gloss. Don't neglect it…especially if you have thin lips.

The blush:

48671092 - pink blush

It is one of my essential makeup products.

It gives you good looks.

I like to pair it with my lipstick.

It is in action and simplicity that we obtain the best results.


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