The Thames as a metaphor for Image Consulting!

The Thames, Image Consulting

Friday-Saturday-Sunday, a completely different weather for each of these three days in London on the banks of the Thames.

Friday morning when I left for my daily walk at dawn on the banks of the Thames it was foggy, and when I say foggy, it was really mashed potatoes. I enjoyed this cozy, mysterious, silent, phantasmagoric atmosphere.

The Thames, Image Consulting

Saturday, however, not a cloud in the sky, it was cold and dry, the air was clear. I walked light and fast, full of energy. On the right bank of the Thames the sun caressed the tops of the trees, on the left bank it was already lighting up the exposed facade of the tallest buildings.

The Thames, Image Consulting

On the other hand it was cold, frost on all surfaces, perhaps the thermometer had reached the lowest temperature of the first part of this winter season 2019-2020 in London.


Sunday was something else! Ciara was hitting London! At Heathrow many planes neither took off nor landed. Chiswick Park, which is a normal part of my route, was also closed for fear of getting branches if not trees on your head.

The Thames, Image Consulting

Throughout these three days not only the weather has changed but also the Thames. But OK ! It was always and always the Thames. And this is where it became clear to me that there was a connection between my daily walk during these three days along the Thames and my last Post titled: Of the interest of knowing how to distinguish between Dress-code and Dress Style? »

During these three days the Thames remained the Thames, recognizable among all. It is neither the Nile in Cairo, nor the Yangtze in Shanghai, nor the Seine in Paris. She has her personality, a personality she keeps regardless of the weather. A personality which is its style, a style which is its own, which makes it always recognizable to those who know it, like the Nile, the Yangtze or the Seine are recognizable regardless of the weather to those for who these streams are familiar with. It so happens that along the banks I frequent the Thames is subject to the tides no matter what the weather is like. This is definitely part of his personality. The amplitude of these marshes is on average 7 meters, more than enough to give its banks a very particular appearance. It is also upstream from London that it ceases to be subject to the tides.

On the other hand, during these three days, between February 7 and 9, she took on different aspects, she dressed herself differently. The weather forced him to change his outfit, one could say "Dress-Code". Of course she kept her personality, her style, but she had to, whether she liked it or not, adapt to the conditions, to the situations that changed daily during those three days.

This is for me, the Coach and Image Advisor that I am, a metaphor that helps us better understand the difference between "Dress Style" and "Dress-Code". Did I invent a new metaphor, a major attraction of literary creation? I won't go that far. But there is only one step from there to the Thames becoming my symbol of Image Consulting!



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