Lemon or no lemon?

As with everything there are pros and cons and for every person who advises drinking lemon juice in the morning there is another who advises against it. Still, for several years one of the first things I do every day when I get up is to drink lemon juice in a little warm water on an empty stomach. It's a routine that I could hardly do without today for the simple reason that over time it has done me good.

lemon juice

I squeeze a lemon from organic farming by hand to avoid any possibility of swallowing toxic products. In fact, non-organic lemons are treated with organochlorines, organophosphates and other synthetic chemicals both before harvest and after harvest. So many products harmful to our good health. I add lukewarm rather than hot spring water to keep all the vitamin C benefits contained in the lemon juice, since vitamin C is destroyed by heat.


At first glance the lemon is acidic. One could therefore fear that its acidity does not militate in its favor. And it's true that in the mouth the lemon is acidic. However, it is not at this level that the acidity of a food should be evaluated. A food is acid or alkaline depending on the acid or alkaline nature of the elements produced by its decomposition carried out by our digestive system. It follows that an acid food like lemon is not necessarily acidifying while an alkaline food is not necessarily alkalizing. It just so happens that the digestion of lemon produces essentially alkaline elements. So at this level no worries about acidosis caused by the consumption of lemon.


On the other hand it is true that we are all individuals with our own peculiarities and some of us, for different reasons, will have more difficulty digesting lemon than others. It's up to everyone to test and get to know each other.

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Finally, I am not going to sell all the real and imaginary virtues attributed to lemon. In addition to its vitamin C content, I would mention only two which are well recognized, established and documented and which, in my opinion, are enough to take seriously this daily habit of drinking lemon juice on an empty stomach and which can quickly become rewarding. .


Question vitamin C the lemon contains on average 65mg per 100g which, for example, places it far behind bays of rosehips which contain approximately 1000mg per 100g. Its content is of the same order as that of kiwis, strawberries and lychees. It is necessary in the synthesis of collagen and red blood cells and contributes to the immune system. It participates in the absorption of iron. That is to say its importance in our proper functioning and in keeping us alive.


pixabaycitron digestionLemon aids digestion. This is all the more true if we have cluttered our digestive system with a fatty diet, especially animal fats. The citric acid contained in the lemon stimulates bile secretion and thereby promotes the digestion of fats. On the other hand, its fibers facilitate intestinal transit.


Finally, lemon is a powerful detoxifier. It promotes the cleansing of the body including toxins and especially those from food if not by facilitating digestion as explained above.


A simple, inexpensive gesture that can have beneficial consequences for your general condition. Why not try it?


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