Tribute to Tina Turner

Tina Turner has left us. As I think it was for you my lights, Tina Turner was an inspiration to me and she was even more so since I was a professional singer. I'm not going to tell you about his life, all the media have done it and you are spoiled for choice. On the other hand, there is a side of his life which is perhaps less known and which has certainly been less publicized, it is what I would call “his existential practice”. I would like, through a few short excerpts of her words during interviews she had with Oprah Winfrey, another woman I esteem, to share with you what in my eyes gives her even more of her role as an inspiring woman.

In 2007, when Tina was 68, Oprah asked her the question bluntly: How does it feel to get old?

“I must tell you that I am delighted. Of course there are changes but when you are healthy and doing well like I am, I don't mind being 68 at all. It just doesn't mean anything! We can't cling to age or beauty, because then you're always chasing something that you'll never get back.

The following year, when Tina was 69 and had just ended her career, Oprah told her that it must have been a really tough time.

Tina replies: “No! It was easy. I have worked hard all my life. It was more than just singing, it was more than just rock'n roll. I wanted to retire and not worry anymore. It was then that I had a revelation: “That's it! Now I'm going home. And I was really coming home, more than just a home. I was going where I had always wanted to go for the last stage of my life. »

Four years later Oprah said to him “But you have no regrets? »

Tina: “But then not at all. I did it and I say it and say it proudly “I'm 73! ". I'm at a point in my life where even when it's time to leave and go to another planet, I'll be present and curious, I want to see what it's all about. I'm not saying that I want to die but the day it comes there will be no regrets. There will be no regrets because I would have done what I came to this earth for. Now life is just fun. I have friends who matter. I have a husband who loves me and whom I love. I am happy and this happiness is in me and it is in me because I desire nothing. »

This does not prevent Oprah from returning to the charge: "And yet, to detach oneself from a glorious past is the most difficult thing for a living legend like you!"

Tit for tact Tina tells him: “It's just not true for me! ".

Suddenly Oprah asks him: “But how do we manage to be where you are? That's what we all try to do but getting there is something else? »

Tina's response: “Above all, it's a journey. To start you are born and you start your journey and then you leave the journey. But how you manage your trip is what is super important. I stayed centered, I stayed focused, I stayed on track. I had a wish. My wish was to get to where I am today. Throughout the journey I endured difficulties. Throughout the trip I stayed on course and I stayed on course because there was something inside of me that always told me that I could do better and I wanted to do better. My legacy is a person who always strived to do better and did better. I will not give in to age and I encourage those around me not to give in either. Women should be proud of who they are at any stage of their life. The state of mind is important. Laughter is important. Love is important”.

For me Issanaa, these are words that can only be the consequence of a fulfilled life. Fulfilled in the sense that it is a life that has set out on a path following a vision, a vision in harmony and in love with life and a life that has constantly given life and honored this vision. You don't reach 73 by being able to say " I'm at a point in my life where even when it's time to leave and go to another planet, I'll be present and curious, I want to see what it's all about.", without having stayed the course and brought this vision to life throughout these seventy-three years.

Having a vision in line with love and life and staying the course is what Tina Turner inspires me and hopes she inspires you.

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