Women Entrepreneurs, Ambitious and Self-Confidence.

Women Entrepreneurs, Ambitious and Self-Confidence.

When you come from an African slum to have been an Ambassador for a network of women entrepreneurs from the Oise in the Chantilly sector, just that, you still have to do it!

Being a woman, being a mother, being a BusinessWomen Ambassador, being a Coach and Image Consultant… Being a Power Woman who knows with love, kindness and elegance, listening to the ambitious woman who wants to break her glass ceiling, whatever it is, and grace to my support, my experience and my expertise, to be a more feminine, more confident, more efficient, more stylish woman!

Thank you to Business Women and its President Baroness Annick Pelletyn for giving me this brochure!

A brochure with a quote that will always be relevant: “When a woman wants to succeed in the job she has chosen, nothing can stop her! as much as this is the case not only for your job but also for love, allure, serenity, charisma, femininity...

Happy New Year!

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