Ella and Marilyn

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My beauties! As you may have noticed Marilyn Monroe is one of my favorites. I love her glamorous and sexy side but for me she is also something else, components of her personality that are much less highlighted and less known. I respect her all the more because she knew how to use her power with great intelligence to promote, among other things, justice and racial equality.

That's why I would like to share with you an anecdote that shows which woman Marilyn Monroe was.

glamorous and sexy,Marilyn,Ella,beauty,fashion,image consulting,image assessment,image

In the 1950s, Ella Fitzerald was not allowed to sing in Hollywood's most famous nightclub, Mocambo, because of her skin color. Marilyn Monroe, who was a big fan of Ella Fitzgerald, called the boss of Mocambo and told him that if he made a contract with Ella Fitzgerald to sing at Mocambo, she would be present at Ella Fitzegerald's recital every night, that which provided Mocambo with enormous media coverage. The boss was convinced and he signed a contract with Ella. Marylin was there every evening at a table in the front row.

She commented:

“After that I never had to sing in a little jazz cabaret again. Marilyn was such an atypical woman, she was ahead of her time. She didn't realize it."

Marilyn would be with us today, she would not correspond to the criteria of beauty conveyed by the diktats of fashion, the media and others. Reminder: Marilyn Monroe made a 42 of the time which would be closer to a 46 of now. She was 166cm tall and weighed around 59kgs.

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  1. wick says:

    How ironic! when we know that the term “mocambo”, of Brazilian origin, designated a community of slaves who had escaped to found a free community, the “mocambo”.


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