Buttocks: to have them or not!

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This is a video that inspired me and reminds me of memories, moments that I have experienced and know that I am not the only one unfortunately to have experienced. A video that perfectly illustrates this specialty that we women have to denigrate ourselves, to find all the faults in the world, to always have something to blame ourselves for. In doing so we inflict direct damage on ourselves, damage that will undermine our self-confidence, push us to comparison and thereby demean us, make us worry and anxious. But also, as this video humorously shows, we will inflict collateral damage on those around us and often even on those who are dear to us and who wish us well.

Watch this video and ask yourself if somewhere it does not remind you of moments that you have lived and that perhaps you still live.


Video: aidouush Tik Tok

Between the one who finds her buttocks too flat, the one who finds them too rounded, the one who finds that she has too much shape, the one who finds that she does not have enough, the one who finds herself too small, the one who think it's too big, and patati and patata, there's plenty to do! These are moments of questioning, of doubt, of trouble, moments that work on us, destabilize us, weaken us, moments that disturb our balance and our well-being. And I can tell you that as far as I am concerned, I have experienced such moments.

I remember the case of a client, Elizabeth, who works in finance, another who found herself too like this and not like that enough and to whom, to make her understand that she had nothing too nor not enough, I told this episode from my own experience.

While I was having tea with a longtime friend from when I lived in Paris, she asked me, a little embarrassed, if I would agree to accompany her to a renowned cosmetic surgeon in the XNUMXth arrondissement. I immediately replied, “Yes! Sure " ! She was surprised by my enthusiasm and the speed of my response. Still, a few days later we meet and go to this plastic surgeon. My girlfriend was planning, following the birth and breastfeeding of her children, to have her breasts redone.

So we arrive in the beautiful neighborhoods at the office of this surgeon. We are well received. His turn comes. I am. Questions from the surgeon, questions from my girlfriend. The consultation is about to end when I speak to the surgeon and tell her about the problem I have with my buttocks and that I could consider having them “planed”. The surgeon looks at me, asks me to turn on myself and there she says to me: “It's the world upside down! It is the dream of many women to have buttocks like yours. In fact women pay me to have the buttocks you have! In my soul and conscience I can only discourage you. And if you still decide to "have your butt planed" as you say, in my soul and conscience I could not be the one who will do it.


Buttocks: to have it or not!, Flat buttocks, Round buttocks, Too much shape
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Suffice to say that Elisabeth could not believe it! That even I, Chantal, could have felt so bad with my shapes, those shapes that she feels that many women would be more than happy to have. And yet that was the case for years. For those who know me a little they know why I had so much trouble accepting myself as I am, for those who know me less you will be able to understand it listening to my Webinar.

Always is it my meeting with the Image Consulting a big part of which was that I was able to fully accept the body I had and who I was. It's true that I have curves and the Image Consulting has made me happy today not only to have them but also to highlight them. An acceptance that certainly changed my life, which made me feel comfortable, which reinforced my self-esteem, my charisma, which gave me credibility. Don't be mistaken, I'm not telling you that it's good to have the shapes I have, no, what I want to tell you through this story of buttocks that are too flat or too plump is is that what's good is knowing how to do with what you have and that's what Image Consulting has taught me, given me. He taught me to love and accept myself no matter what. He gave me the tools, brought the techniques that today make me confident and know that whatever happens I can feel good about myself. He brought me to this pleasure of living, to know how to put my focus on what I can change instead of putting it on “Oh my belly! He made me aware of the woman I was and taught me to make it my strength.


Buttocks: to have it or not!, Flat buttocks, Round buttocks, Too much shape
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My mission is to ensure that today with my expertise, my experience, my sensitivity and my intelligence, you experience what I experienced thanks to Image Consulting and that you become fully aware of your uniqueness and live it in the elegance, joy and pleasure.

© Issanaa

As such, make an appointment with me for an energy balance coaching of your Image and together in 1 hour and a half of time and we will meet your resonance to allow you to tell the world what your true value is and put it in resonance with your Image.

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