Difficulties in being and speaking in public! What raising awareness of the energy of your image can do for you.

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Who does not have apprehension to speak in public? Who doesn't have stage fright before speaking in public?

In fact, at least 75% of people are apprehensive about speaking in public.

It turns out that becoming aware of the energy in our image and knowing how to tap into it can go a long way toward coping with and overcoming this fear of public speaking.

To illustrate how the energy of the image can contribute to facing and overcoming this fear, I would like to share with you a work that I did on this subject with a female entrepreneur who took a follow with me when I was still in France.

Let's call her Carol. Carol came to find me after a lecture I had given at Chantilly. She told me that she had already taken a coaching on Image Consulting, but my conference had convinced her that there was much more to Image Coaching than what she had glimpsed in this previous coaching and that she was ready to engage in a follow-up with me.

From the first contact with Carol, I appreciated her openness and her intelligence and I immediately felt that she was a determined woman who was ready to commit herself and do what was necessary to obtain what she wanted. The ideal coachee!

First, we did a review.

It emerged that it was above all within the framework of her professional activity that Carol wanted to work on the energy of her image.

coach, energy, Image, well-being

The success of her business largely depended on the contracts she obtained following public meetings. And she knew that in these moments, her self-confidence and her ability to influence her audience through her speeches were most important for the smooth running of her business.

But it was now in these moments that all the classic symptoms of fear: clammy, shortness of breath, trembling, rapid heartbeat… manifested to varying degrees. As a result, during these often decisive moments for the smooth running of her business, she was not in possession of all these means and she showed herself in a light which not only did not correspond to her, but was not favorable to the smooth running of his business.

Following my conference, Carol realized that working with me on the energy of her image could not only make public speaking no longer a problem, but also make her feel like herself and at home. at ease during face-to-face professional negotiations.

It is in this context that we decided to work on the energy of its image.

We therefore set up a follow-up over several months.

First we went into what I will generally call “The Mindset”. But for Carol, the state of mind, the determination, the understanding of the coachee-coacher relationship…, there was no doubt, no questioning. No, I took her to more direct, concrete actions: posture, movement, voice, walking, even fasting!


In a second step we flattened the resonance of his colors, his own, those that are personal to him. It was all about aligning Carol with the different tones of her resonance.

Thirdly, we worked on the relationship she had with her body. That she becomes fully aware of her morphology, her size, and that all her outfits are in alignment with what Carol is physically.

In a fourth step we went in search of "Carol", to discover her but above all to manifest her. A job that goes through the actualization of oneself, knowing how to act on one's exteriorization!

From one coaching to another I saw the transformations in Carol until finally, the coaching ended, she invited me to a public meeting where she was speaking. She literally blew me away. And Carol finished her intervention by mentioning how much what she had just achieved was due to the work she had done with me over the past few months.

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