Straightening No! Connect your daughters to the culture of their origins!

I see too many moms helpless with their daughter's hair and who suddenly make decisions whose consequences they too often do not measure. Maybe it's a mum who has lost the link with her culture of origin, maybe it's a white mum with a mestizo daughter, what else do I know...? Still, she doesn't know how to simply maintain her daughter's hair. She feels overwhelmed. To solve the problem, she decides to straighten her daughter's hair. When I talk to her about the kind of aggression that straightening represents, especially on a child's hair, I realize that most of the time she was unaware of most of it. This is a painful situation for me.
For those who know me a little, you will remember that in this slum in Central Africa where I lived I had to very quickly, too quickly, earn money to feed my siblings. My first pieces, it is by styling that I obtained them. For more than a decade now it is on my daughter that I exercise my gifts and my pleasure. I can assure you that these moments of intimacy between mother and daughter, moments of benevolence, love, femininity, beauty, are moments that build a life both for the mother that you are and for the girl following you.
For those who, overwhelmed, are thinking of having their daughter's hair straightened, please postpone your decision and contact me.
Instead of risking mortgaging the future of your daughter's hair, even her health, find with me the gestures that affirm and symbolize the mothers that we are!

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