Of the interest of knowing how to distinguish between Dress-code and Dress Style?

Dress code and dress style

Have you ever felt uncomfortable during a meeting, a dinner🍷(I.e.(I.e., a reception or any other group event, whether professional or private, to feel out of place, not really in your place?

There was a time when these were situations I happened to experience and they weren't pleasant. At the time I had just arrived on another continent, Europe????????, had not yet found my bearings in another culture, French culture????????. Since then, water has flowed under the bridge and above all I have become a Coach and Image Consultant, many reasons why these are no longer situations that I live in.

Still, it is not always easy to put your finger☝️ about what makes us uncomfortable on such occasions. Maybe our interests are simply not those of the group we were with. Maybe on this day and at this time we weren't really in great shape, on our plate(I.e., for one reason or another, and that as a result we had a lot of trouble establishing contact, participating, exchanging. Or just plain tired.🥵😴

But there is a reason, not necessarily the most obvious, but which, it seems to me, is more frequent than we tend to admit, that of our outfit, how we were dressed????👙????. Whether we like it or not, in every society there are so-called "dress-codes". You don't dress the same way for a business meeting as for an evening with friends, whether in France????????, in the USA????????, in China🇨🇳 or in South Africa(I.e..

Whether in Paris, Los Angeles, Shanghai or Pretoria, not knowing the dress codes is simply making a mistake and it is never really pleasant to be aware of having made a mistake.????. One of two things, or we made a mistake because we didn't know the dress code of the place and the time, so we might as well know them so as not to live these unpleasant moments, or we made a blunder consciously by knowing the dress code of the occasion and not respecting it voluntarily, then it is a question of assuming the consequences of our choice????.

My experience as a Coach and Image ConsultantðŸ '© â € ðŸ'¼ makes me think that many of the mistakes made at the level of dress codes are the consequence of a confusion among many women between "Dress code" and "Dress style". A conscious will or not, for lack of knowing his style, to want to express his personality by breaking the dress code. How many times when asking a client about what she considered to be her "Dress Style" have I not heard her answer me: "Casual", "Professional", "Formal 👔 or any other denomination. This is a mistake base which on many occasions will make you live at your expense not always the most pleasant moments.

No ! "Casual 🏖», « Sporty casual (I.e.⛹️♀️(I.e.“, “Classic”, are not dress styles, they are “Dress-codes”. They are dependent on circumstances. Your style of dress is at a much more fundamental level of your personality, it is independent of circumstances, it is invariable, at least as much as your personality is. It's up to you to express it in all circumstances

Take the example of the "Vienna Opera Ball💃🕺 ". Rare are those who would not like to have, at least once in their life, the opportunity to attend and participate in it. I don't speak as a beginner for whom the "dress-code" is so strict that it becomes a uniform, but as a selected adult. Assuming that this is the case and that you can go to this famous ball at the Vienna Opera, you will then be obliged to submit to a "Dress-code", namely: white tie and tails for men and dress???? long floor for women, otherwise, despite the invitation, you will not be allowed to enter the famous "Wiener Staatsoper".

But in case you know your style, such a restrictive dress code will not prevent you from not fully expressing your clothing personality. You will have all the time according to your clothing personality, that is to say your style, to choose the color or colors(I.e. from your long dress to the floor, its shape, not to mention the choice of your accessories👜👡👓 that will precisely match your style and personalize it.

All that to say that your dress style is not dependent on the circumstances. It reflects "who you are" and we can hope that "who you are" does not change depending on the circumstances. But there ! Knowing your style is not only knowing who you are, but also and above all knowing how to match who you are with your clothes.????????

Knowing how to match who we are with our outfits is, as you may know, not always as easy as that. It is a meeting with oneself which has its requirements and which on the one hand can easily ask us to leave our comfort zone and on the other to have a minimum of technical knowledge about colors.🌈 and shapes. A search that it is not easy to carry out alone without for which I think it is impossible. But this is really where calling on the Coach and the Image Consultant that I am brings all its benefits not only to get you out of these oddities and their discomfort forever but above all to bring you this satisfaction and this pleasure of feel yourself everyday in clothes👔???? that you wear. A sure way to strengthen your self-confidence, your femininity, your elegance and your charisma.

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