Image Consultant.

Hi! I am Issanaa,

Image Consultant.

In my work I help women and men to show the best of themselves, to find their style and to boost with elegance and know how to be their life. personal as well as professional.

My mission:

Provide the tools for Dare to be yourself in his picture whatever its history and the tools for to radiate the energy of his image, beyond his limiting beliefs.

I am based in London I offer face-to-face and online consultations

Image consultant in a French-speaking environment is more associated with superficiality, it is precisely something that I want to help change.


Beauty and aesthetics have always been my thing! And when I say always, it goes back a long way. I earned my first money, I was 10 years old, I was doing hair.

Still, in France I created my business in beauty and aesthetics of course. Until one day, in 2013, I came across Image Consulting. I knew right away it was for me. As usual I trained, I practiced and I continued to train myself at the best of the French-speaking world. I like !






During a stay in Canada in 2017 with my family, my first direct contact with the English-speaking world, I understood that one day or another I would go to work and live in an Anglo-Saxon country. But OK ! Let it happen to me in 2019. I didn't expect it!





In the summer of 2019 an opportunity arose. I grabbed it. The consequence: to be installed in London in the following month.

Moving, a fifteen-year-old boy, an eleven-year-old girl, both of whom don't know more English than I do, that is to say nothing.

Leaving a house in ownership, a business, a clientele, a way of life, links, habits, for a future that was a bet and a challenge, it had to be done!




silhouette, image consultingIn my consultations and my coaching, in addition to my professionalism, I rely on a life that has made me cross several continents, live in several countries, incorporate several cultures, practice several professions.

I was able to get closer to the essential, to understand that there is a beauty that never goes out of fashion, that is beyond time and space.

 Through my universalism it is this beauty that I want to bring to you.



Learn a little more about me!

My grandmother, Mami Mbounou, the first female shaman after a long line of male shamans

As with any individual, I begin on the day of my birth. But there ! On that day there is a presence that will give a whole new meaning and dimension on this day of November 17: it is my grand-mother.

She is the first female shaman in a long shamanic line. And for too long she has been looking for which of her grandchildren will inherit the transmission.

 On this November day, not only is she there, but she recognizes the sign in me and designates me as her heiress. A transmission that will impact the rest of my life whether I like it or not.





Being a mom and an entrepreneur is rock'n roll! Having two wonderful children who brighten up my daily life is great! To see the almost adult son and her following him at a run is to say how far we have come!





color, image consulting, makeover, appearance, harmony, wearing color well, well dressed,Singing

When you're 15, you're alone on stage with your guitar and your voice and you realize that all the teachers and students of your high school, 3000 people, stand up to applaud you like it or not, we feel grown up. At the age of 20 on the run, when you arrive in a foreign country, the Ivory Coast, where you are expected by no one and do not know anyone with 100€ in your pocket and three days later you have an audition in one of the best-known cabarets in all of West Africa in front of around twenty musicians and when you are recruited as a singer, you know that once again music has saved us.






Question taking charge of myself, whether physically or spiritually: I fast several days a month and walk several tens of kilometers a week. I live what I preach, I'm not one to say "take my advice I'm not using it right now!"






And then there is my kitchen. Ask my kids what they think of my beef bourguignon, my thiéboudiene, my feijoada, my dahl and my morning fruit salad and my evening coleslaw! And all this from raw and organic products, without forgetting a good backgroundchocolate ant!