Sort through your wardrobe

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Has it ever happened to you in the morning, before leaving for work, that you didn't know how to dress? It's not necessarily the clothes that are missing in your wardrobe, nor the variety of styles and colors, nor the accessories and shoes. It is even perhaps this profusion of possibilities that poses a problem for you. Undecided, pressed for time, you end up making choices that do not fully satisfy you for the rest of the day. So much so that you fear that this same situation will repeat itself the next morning and that it will end up making you lose the taste and the pleasure of getting dressed. One more daily chore….

A discomfort that can be repeated more often than you want: on the occasion of an outing with friends, a wedding, a baptism…. A situation that can have long-term negative consequences when, for example, you cannot find the right outfit for a job interview and makes you feel uncomfortable at a time when you need to feel in control with all your means.

So many situations that involve changes in the way you dress and require a new relationship with your wardrobe.

This workshop is for you if:

  • Are you tired of groping in front of your wardrobe when getting dressed?
  • You are tired of the routine.
  • You want to break old habits.

What will this workshop bring you?

  • This workshop will make your life easier.
  • Getting dressed will no longer be a chore, but a pleasure.

My role will be to give you all my best advice to gain efficiency, time and money. After this workshop you will not buy at all in the same way.

This workshop is for you if you realized that it was time to sort it out. You have the click, it's important, because it helps me to help you!


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