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What is Image Consulting?

Image Consulting consists of helping you take charge of your image. It is an approach that goes in search of what you are deep within yourself in order to express it through the image that you

It is also to help you acquire the knowledge you need to express this image that corresponds to you whatever the circumstances, the occasions, or the moments of life. Image consulting helps to reveal you, to make you look better, to increase your confidence and self-esteem, in a word, to feel good about yourself.

Who is Image Consulting for?

I think nobody is perfect, but also that nobody is completely imperfect. There is beauty in all of us! With Image Consulting, it is to highlight this beauty that is unique to you.

Whether you are a woman or a man, whether you are young or old, whether you are the CEO of a large company, a member of the liberal professions or self-employed, whether for personal, professional or existential reasons, benefit from the Image consulting is about being the best version of who you are while respecting the codes of the circumstances!

Why Image Consulting?

As surprising as it may seem to you at first glance, having recourse to Image Consulting is the prospect of saving time, money, self-confidence, energy, charisma, know-how, seduction, stature.

What allows me to say this when any Image Consulting service is first and foremost a cost?

What allows me to put forward such an affirmation is above all linked to my approach to Image Consulting. On the one hand, you will often hear me speak of the "Tiercé Winner". This "trifecta winner" is your colors, your silhouette and your style of dress. Indeed, there are colors that suit you, which enhance you, while others not only don't suit you but go so far as to put you at a disadvantage. So first step, know your good colors. As for la silhouette is the same thing. Depending on your morphology, there are cuts that suit you and correspond to your silhouette, while others will only accentuate and draw the gaze of others to those parts of your body that are causing you problems. Finally, as far as your style is concerned, it means making the effort to know yourself and thus to dress for all occasions with outfits that are in harmony with your personality and reinforce your energy.

Beauty and well-being advice in the Oise

This foundation will allow us to build and manage your wardrobe with outfits that correspond to your image thanks to two services: The "Tri-management of the Wardrobe and the " Clothing Shopping ", two services aiming, among other things, to ensure that you not only have a minimum number of outfits in accordance with your "Tiercé Gagnant", but that the different pieces of these outfits are partly interchangeable, thus allowing you, with this minimum number, to achieve a much larger quantity of outfits responding to all circumstances, the dress code, and which we choose daily quickly and wear with pleasure.

Let's come to the accessories : A service that will give you the possibility of personalizing each of your outfits and further increasing their interchangeability.

Rest the makeover, it is the media part of image consulting with a before and after, often mistaken as Image Consulting when it is only one element.

So many factors that will save you time and money. No more impulse purchases, no more cluttered wardrobes of clothes that are worn once or twice a year if ever, no more questions and frustrations about how to dress. On the contrary, the pleasure of wearing clothes that suit you, put you at ease, boost you, give you confidence and charisma.

In a word, a whole that will open the doors to well-being and harmony!

Beauty and well-being advice in the Oise

Finally, what also allows me to put forward such an affirmation, which at first glance could sound above all like an advertising slogan, is the feedback and the testimonies of the people I have had the privilege and the pleasure of having in consultation. Thanks to my approach to Image Consulting, they have all, to one degree or another, found or rediscovered the pleasure of dressing well.

And all that, as I wrote above, by gaining time and money, harmony, self-confidence, energy, charisma, life skills, seduction, femininity, from the masculinity of the wingspan.

What next !

How the Image Consulting?

The different services I offer are:


The image assessment is one of the bases that will allow us to walk together. However, it is not an obligation, everything will depend on where you are and where you want to go. I suggest a phone interview so that you can make an informed choice. An offer that does not imply any commitment on your part. You have the option of choosing one or more of these services. In case you choose to do the tri-management of your wardrobe, the clothing shopping or the choice of accessories without going through the trifecta, I would have the obligation to perform a "mini trifecta" for my own use. insofar as I have to know your characteristics to do one or other of these three services.

Beauty and well-being advice in the Oise

In case you decide to benefit from my advice, after each service you will receive a personalized file by email in PDF form. These are files with high added value that summarize the content of the service taking into account your particularities, a roadmap on which you can come back at any time. As for the analysis of your colors, you will receive by email a digital color chart adapted to your personal colorimetric characteristics. You will also be able to order a fabric portfolio including your 48 colors and their multiple possible combinations that we will have studied and defined together.

Beauty and well-being advice in the Oise

With regard to companies, associations, communities... my services are in the form of conferences/animations. The topics dealt with are in particular: Dress-code/dress style and elegance, the impact of corporate image, the importance of the first impression, etc.

My services of makeover are also done with the media, the people of the scene, the events.

Finally, several times during the year I offer conferences/workshops news link (03/02/19, 20/05/18, 10/05/18, 23/04/18) groups on a specific theme (shopping, charisma, wardrobe management, seduction, etc.) which not only give me the opportunity to make you aware of my job but above all allow you to leave with a number of the most practical tips, as much of nuggets that you can immediately apply for your greatest benefit.

All these workshops, conferences, individual meetings, animations, Skypes, are all independent and complementary and a synergy of the most profitable is created between them.

“Anyway and whoever you are, ask for a quote or a phone or Skype interview. »

With whom the Image Consulting?

chantal.ats is the assurance of being advised by a Consultant with a career that is not only atypical but very exceptional. A journey on two continents and several

Silhouette, Image Consulting

country that begins with a shamanic transmission through a grandmother, the only woman from a recognized and respected line of men over several generations.

It is a childhood and adolescence full of violence in the most deprived material conditions. A beginning of life that makes psychologists and psychiatrists say that there can only be reproduction of such an experience in the person who has suffered it. It is the stage and the song, a profession that has contributed to the power that she has today of knowing how to captivate an audience. It is a training in Image Consulting at the highest level with methods that have proven themselves at the international level. They are two of the most beautiful children raised in love and respect, living proof of the opposite of what was announced to him. A journey that not only calls for admiration but gives him the ability to know how to adapt in all circumstances and to touch and bring out the best of what is in each of us. A person who listens, full of sensitivity, kindness and generosity.

Beauty and well-being advice in the Oise

Doesn't the fact that you have reached this point in reading my conception of Image Consulting indicate that it is perhaps time for you to take the step?


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Where am I ?

I live in London and of course I can receive you in London but I can also travel and when I say travel, I mean coming to Paris, Geneva, Brussels...

Anyway, my consultations are partly face-to-face but also partly through the Internet (Zoom, Webinar, etc.).

London, the city par excellence of “Shopping”! It is certain that as an Image Consultant and Personal Shopper in London, I can make you live an enriching and satisfying experience that will see you leave with outfits that suit you, highlight you and with excellent value for money. .


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