My approach and my practice of personal development

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When your oldest memories, those that still live in you today, are in the heart of Africa in the company of your shaman grandmother when she took you to survey the equatorial forest in search of origin and medicine, when at ten you find yourself in a slum and at thirteen you get it into your head that you will get out of it, when at twenty you take the plane with the money you have earned and saved and 100€ in your pocket for a country where you are not expected by anyone and where you don't know anyone, that in a few days you find a place for yourself as a singer in one of the most upscale and famous cabarets in all of Africa of the West, that after a few weeks enough money was sent to feed the family and clothe and send to school the six youngest brothers and sisters who remained there, that a few years later a civil war began and that we have to clear out to save our skin, that we arrive on another continent where we have to take our marks and start from scratch, that we found a family there and raise two wonderful children, so, in forty years, we can say to ourselves that we have an already well-filled past behind us, that there is distance, both literally and figuratively, between where I come from and the Image Consultant that I am today.

Whether we like it or not, there is the gaze of the other and the awareness that we have of the image that we project, one nourishing the other in a continuous back and forth movement impacting positively at all times. or negatively our harmony. As long as this decisive influence on our well-being is done with full knowledge of the facts.

Through a life that has made me cross several continents, live in several countries, incorporate several cultures, exercise several professions, I have been able to approach the essentials, understand that there is a beauty that never goes out of fashion not, which is beyond time and space. Through my universalism, it is this beauty that I want to bring, share, the one that makes Navajo Amerindians say that a successful life is a walk in beauty.

In my work as an Image Consultant, I accompany women and men who want to fully realize their value in living with elegance.

Why Personal Development?

Because my childhood and my youth were stolen from me but I always wanted to imagine the future and keep moving forward, keeping my head straight on my shoulders.

Because as a child, a teenager and then a young woman, there were choices and today I owe myself loyalty.

Because it's my life, because without having decided that's what I did and today that's what I am.

I'm not here to tell you what to do - I don't have a magic bullet.

But through my personal journey and my journey I simply want to tell you that “it is neither easy nor difficult but: It is Possible.”

C'est Possible is also the title of an autobiographical work that I intend to present to you soon.

Personal development is also my life.

At the height of my forty-two years, I have the feeling of having an already well-stocked past behind me. There is a distance, both literally and figuratively, between where I come from and the Image and Personal Development Consultant I am today.

I'll use a quote from Kerry James to tell you the miles covered:

Personal development“When you come from an African slum,

Say "It's possible"

Is not just an option,

It's a question of survival. »

Inspired by "Where I'm From" by Kerry James.

My personal development practice

My practice of Personal Development is based on three pillars: Listening, Exchange and Advice.

Listening is being open, available, without prejudice, benevolent, calm. Listening gives the other the possibility of confiding, of freely expressing his lack, his desire, his pain and his joy, his frustration and his hope. For there to be listening there must be respect, equality and empathy.

The exchange is to open up to the other. To open up to the other is to recognize or even discover that one is not alone, to admit that there is my reality and the reality of the other and that there is the possibility of communication between these two realities. The exchange says “nobody is more than nobody”. The exchange is to put yourself on the same level, one of the other characteristics of my practice of Personal Development.

Finally there is advice. For this advice to have the possibility of bearing fruit, it takes acceptance, knowing that there is as much generosity in giving as in receiving, understanding that life is change. My practice of Personal Development is, within the framework of this person-to-person relationship, through listening, discussion and advice, to promote this journey towards this “Good Life”.

Finally, for this advice to have the power to lead this journey towards this “Good Life”, it is essential that there is experience, humility, maturity and great benevolence.

The magic link between Personal Development and Image Energy Consulting

It is no coincidence that I am an Image Energy Consultant and Coach.

To get to the point, Image Consultant is helping our image reflect the best version of you. Isn't this an element that allows us to approach "the happy life, the one that is in harmony with our own nature" as Seneca defines it. As for Personal Development, what it tends towards, its ultimate horizon, could it be other than "the happy life", independently of all that these two words may have of overused according to the cynics, of which I am not part? We can certainly do Personal Development without approaching Image Consulting, on the other hand I don't think that we can do Image Consulting without at one time or another encroaching on the field of Personal Development.

One of the fundamental aspects of Personal Development is undoubtedly “Self-confidence” which in a sense is one with self-esteem. How could one feel good with oneself as well as with others without self-esteem and therefore self-confidence? This is one of the major aspects of Personal Development as I practice it. Can we imagine that self-confidence is not linked and dependent on the image, not only that we have of ourselves, but just as much of the image that we project towards others? Another example of this magical link between Personal Development and Image Consulting.

a transmission

My oldest memories, those that still live in me today, are in the heart of Africa with my grandmother, a shaman from a recognized and respected line. When I was born, after many grandchildren, she finally recognized me as her heiress. She regularly takes me to live with her and wander the equatorial forest in search of origins and medicine. She sows the seeds of Transmission in me. Due to family conflicts and the violence it engendered during my adolescence and even after I denied this heritage. It's only been a few years since I understood that it was part of who I am, whether I like it or not, and that I had to take it into account, respect it and cultivate it in order to be fully myself and realize myself. Today these seeds deposited by my grandmother have not only germinated but flowered and this Transmission constitutes an integral part of my practice of Personal Development.



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