How does my Dress Style service work?

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From writing to dress style: a bit of history 

well-dressed, femininity, dress style, image, image advice, silhouette, your colors, assessment, image assessment, dress code, wardrobe

The word "style" has its origins in antiquity. It was the iron awl that was used to write on wax, the ancestor of the “pen” in a way. It is therefore the tool of writing. From there, quite naturally came its figurative sense, that of writing with or without style. As Camille Laurens, Professor at the University of Geneva, points out in her book Woven by a thousand, "Cicero uses it in this figurative sense from the first century before our era".

Then the notion of style was extended to all human activity, whether an artefact was produced or not. Thus we will speak of an architectural style but also of the style of a theater or cinema actor and of course of the style of dress.


Why is it important to know your style of dress?

The literary style, the first in date, reflects the thought, emotions and feelings of its author. This applies just as much if not more to the style of dress insofar as the style narrowly defines the image that the individual projects of himself, the way in which he is perceived and the way in which he apprehends himself. internally. Having style is knowing how to align these three components.

To achieve such a result, it is essential that there is consistency between the elements that make up this image and that they illustrate the same trend. For this coherence and this tendency to have a chance to exist it is necessary, as in literature, that the elements that make up this image faithfully reflect the thoughts, emotions and feelings of the person who wears them. It is at this price that there will be stylistic unity and that this stylistic unity will reflect the personality of the individual who wears it. A harmony will be created between the atmosphere of what is worn and the energy of the wearer. The ideal, question of well-being and charisma, of what any dress should be.


What will this consultation on the style of dress bring you?

First of all, this consultation will lead you to find and define your style in full knowledge of the facts and to align your outfits with your personality.

In addition to making your outfits match you, it will allow you to make the elements that compose them, the assembly of these elements, illustrate the same trend, define your stable stylistic unity. This is having a style, we can even say “having style”.

A stylistic unity that will result in the image you project, the way you are perceived and the way you understand yourself internally are all consistent and create an overall physiognomy, regardless of time and of the place.

A coherence and an overall physiognomy which on all occasions will have every chance of giving you more confidence, assurance, bearing, harmony and charisma.

A stable stylistic unity independent of time and place.

You can quite, in different proportions, be one, two or even three styles. What is important is to clarify the way you dress, to clarify your signature.

Dress code and dress style
well-dressed, femininity, dress style, image, image advice, silhouette, your colors, assessment, image assessment, dress code, wardrobe

As in literature where the style keeps its permanence and its characteristics through the different works of its author, the style of dress of a person will not vary according to the different situations and circumstances that he will live over time. This is the difference between style and dress codes. The dress codes are dictated by the situations, the style of dress remains the same regardless of the situation. We don't dress the same way to go to work as to go to a dance party but on the other hand in one case as in the other we keep our style.








The method I use

I work with 8 styles which are all compatible with each other, ie an individual can wear one or more styles.

Clothing style is the third dimension of clothing. The first is its color that we will match your natural colors. The second is its cut, its shape, which we will harmonize with your silhouette, your morphology. And then the garment has an atmosphere, an energy, an atmosphere, a universe, which must be in harmony with your personality, make the two universes meet. The style is at the interface of these two universes.

well-dressed, femininity, dress style, image, image advice, silhouette, your colors, assessment, image assessment, dress code, wardrobe

The clothing styles of women and men are identical but translate differently.

In my approach to personality and its matching with one or more of the eight styles, I use, among other things, the enneagram technique. A method that defines nine personality types represented by points on a geometric figure. A technique which was developed in the United States in the 1970s within the framework of humanistic psychology and which subsequently was widely used in the North American university environment and especially in Business Schools.

The course of a Dress Style consultation

We start the consultation with a presentation of dress code and the fundamental distinction between dress code and style. An essential distinction to better understand the style and no longer confuse it with the dress code, which is too often the case.

Knowing the dress code well allows you to approach all the situations of everyday life without fear of making a mistake. This will also make it possible to precisely determine the proportion of time spent in each of the situations corresponding to a different dress code and thus to organize the wardrobe according to real needs. Why have so many outfits for a situation that you only experience two or three times a year, such as a dance party, as for a situation that you experience almost once a week, such as a family outing to the restaurant ?

Once the dress codes are correctly understood, I propose a carefully thought-out questionnaire representing each style affiliated with the enneagram. The person will therefore take the time to complete this questionnaire. However, there is no obligation to answer every question.

Personal development

Once this questionnaire has been completed, I submit eight books, each illustrating very clearly and in the most representative and explicit way the distinctive elements making up one of the eight styles. Eight books carefully made by me for my clothing style consultations. It is up to the person in consultation to choose the book or books with which they feel the most in correspondence and reasoning and which best represents them.

During the time that she is doing this work, I will analyze and read her answers to the questionnaire.

Once our respective work is completed, we will meet to compare, analyze and discuss the concordance or not between the answers to the questionnaire and the choices of the books.

For someone who knows themselves well there will be a strong correspondence and a great logic between their answers to the questionnaire and the book(s) they have chosen. On the other hand, if there are really oppositions between the two and the answers to one go in opposite directions to the choice of the book or books, this does not mean that there will not be valid indications. to investigate and avenues to explore. It will be necessary, through exchange and discussion, to deepen, analyze, interpret and understand these apparent contradictions. It is then up to me to bring all my experience, my practice, my sensitivity, with of course the agreement of the person, to seek out what hides these apparent contradictions. Most often seek answers in childhood, education, the environment in which one grew up…… And thereby manage to overcome these apparent contradictions and lead the person to discover the unity that inhabits him. A journey that brings harmony, energy and charisma.

You can also use collage...

So many proven tools. But what remains essential is my experience coupled with my sensitivity and my professionalism. And again, as with all my consultations, there is no room for judgment.

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