How I used the Image to reconnect with my body?

When it fell on me I felt a sudden violence that separated me from my body!
It blocked my femininity and left me with only guilt.

How I used the Image to reconnect with my body?
When it hits me, I'm thirteen, I don't understand what's happening to me. I felt a phew of violence! A beast of about forty years old. This violence separated me from my body. This was my mode of defense.
Afterwards I continued to grow, I was a pretty girl, when I had a boyfriend it was fine as long as we talked about the rain and the good weather, but as soon as he approached me, I said :

“Oh! Nope ! Nope ! You don't have to”.

There are still a few years when Phiphi, the sister with whom I have always shared everything, wanted to hug me in her arms to give me a hug, without realizing it I pushed her away. She started crying. It hurt me so much. A pain resulting from a behavior that was imposed on me, but that I had to assume. I felt such injustice.
It doesn't mean that I didn't dream, that I didn't want to move forward. I attended churches, I approached prophets, shrinks, pastors. One tried to lead me on the path of forgiveness. It was terrified, I had hot flashes, physical pain that made me lose all control. I tried personal development.
Too often the remark that I was cold, icy fell on me and drove me to despair. I was afraid, I foresaw that this story was going to block me for the rest of my life, block my femininity, my confidence and leave me only with shame and guilt. Sometimes I was ready to resign myself and then there was panic. But in those moments, close to giving up, a force deep within me forced me to pull myself together and that force never left me. I see this strength as a grace. A grace that allowed me not to be in hatred, in malevolence, in resentment. A grace that allowed me to surpass myself and seize all the opportunities that could contribute to my healing.
And that's where I met Image Consulting. I was already working on my own in the field of beauty. It was a trainer who worked at France 2 who contacted me to ask me if I would be interested in training in Image Consulting. I had no idea what it was. She told me enough for me to answer “Why not! ". I was a thousand miles from imagining that there could be a link there with the suffering that lived in me. And yet that is what happened.
Image Consulting goes in search of a beauty that is based on our alignment with our being, and it is precisely the fact of seeking and finding this alignment that makes us beautiful. It's a job that requires openness, acceptance and courage. An exploration that is likely to take us out of our comfort zone. And that's exactly what happened to me.
The first thing that came out about me was that I was a charismatic woman. It was impossible for me to integrate, I who since I was thirteen lived with guilt and shame how could I see myself as charismatic?
This first training conquered me and I wanted to go further and perfectionist as I am I subscribed to an international image training in Geneva. I had such admiration for the person who led this training that very quickly she became my mentor. And my God! How she pushed me. Just already at the level of my colors it revealed to me that the light was one of my characteristics. Until then it's an aspect of color that I would never have dared to adopt. But with her benevolence and her authority she had no trouble making me accept it and the light began to reconnect me to my body. Of course, I was constantly criticizing my forms, which only caused discomfort. I didn't dare put on a dress on the pretext that it was going to shock or worse that it was going to look vulgar. It was she who made me admit that my generous and voluptuous forms were fully part of my beauty.
I was overwhelmed when she analyzed my Style and decided that I was a woman who was both dramatic and romantic, one and its opposite. My first reaction was to deny it, to think that my mentor could only be wrong, the easiest way again to protect myself. But there was no question of my mentor giving up and not getting me to recognize who I was. She forced me to face myself. Besides, how could I pretend to accompany other women to be themselves if on my side I didn't have the courage to be myself?
This work forced me to connect to my true self, to my body, to overcome decades of denial, discomfort, self-harm. I was in tears. I felt an alignment of my whole being taking place, a plenitude that I had lost and that I had never found again since I was thirteen.
I have been supporting women for years now as a Coach and Image Consultant. Over these years, given my expertise, my professionalism, my experience and my background, I have designed and developed a process that will bring what I have experienced to the woman who has been marked and bruised in her body as long as she commits body and soul and is 200% motivated to achieve this result. So I feel like accompanying her so that together we go through this transformation and that she lives this rebirth that she has been hoping for for too long. It is not a question of forgetting but of doing only our greatest weaknesses.
This process that I have put in place is all the more effective for being simple.
By following it scrupulously with all your motivation and commitment and with my support, I can guarantee that you will experience this fundamental change in the way of living your daily life as I experienced it. That these wounds inscribed in your body and in your being will become your strength.
I told my story by opening my heart to you. I have described to you the steps that I myself followed and tested and which allowed me to reconnect with my body. To achieve this same result you have two possibilities: Either to do this path alone or on the contrary to make an appointment now with me and overcome the suffering you have experienced and bring back to life the beauty that has always been within you!

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