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I chose to talk to you about the importance of sorting out your wardrobe by telling you about a sorting I did a short time ago at Marianne's.

During this morning of sorting out Marianne's wardrobe, we got married like crazy.

The day before our meeting, I received a text message that said, among other things: " I don't have a luxury wardrobe, don't expect a dressing room since I only have a wardrobe and I put my clothes in it as best I can. »

Once there I see that Marianne has a ton of clothes stacked on top of each other. Good news for me: her summer clothes are put away prominently. I decide to focus on her summer clothes as well as her accessories in relation to the time allotted to us.


sorting the wardrobe, image consulting, image assessment, dressing well, assessment, personal shopper, clothing shopping


What was especially close to my heart was to allow her to continue on this path alone because it would have taken us much more than a day to sort and put everything away. It is true that you have to give yourself time to properly sort your wardrobe and this time is all the longer if you have not got into the habit of sorting your wardrobe regularly. I would therefore advise you to integrate sorting into your good habits and to do it twice a year, before summer and before autumn.

To come back to Marianne, the task was going to be difficult because Marianne is very linked to her clothes.

Marianne tells me right away that she likes all her clothes and that she doesn't want to throw anything away, don't give anything back. So I offered to put aside the clothes that could no longer be worn, to put them aside, to give him time to say goodbye to them. In my opinion sorting is also getting rid of the superfluous, airing, breathing, to see things more clearly. To see more clearly, you have to make the decision to get rid of clothes that bring us nothing, that clutter us because they are too small, too big, stained, with holes...

What stood out to me the most during this sorting was not that there was no way to hang the clothes, but that the clothes were scattered all over the house. The coats in the hall, the shoes in another cabinet in the hall, the handbags in another place, and the rest in the closet in the bedroom.


sorting the wardrobe, image consulting, image assessment, dressing well, assessment, personal shopper, clothing shopping


It's true that Marianne doesn't have a lot of room, but once again does she really need all these clothes? Marianne tells me it's because she has no room. I tell myself that you have to know how to do with what you have and with what you are, especially since there are beautiful cabinets for all budgets, from designers and sellers of furniture or decoration ready to use. With your measurements at "paragraphe" you can have a wardrobe adapted to your space for a reasonable price and at "Ikea" you have all kinds of furniture in kit form...

I continue with Marianne: I suggest that she go to the fittings. It was impossible to compose a complete outfit. Among other things because all the outfits were mismatched, the accessories were almost non-existent and the few she had were completely unsuitable compared to this wardrobe, which was still very full. In fact Marianne has almost no accessories (shoes, jewellery, handbag) whereas I consider accessories to be full elements of any dress. Thanks to their diversity and the fact that there is something for all budgets, they give everyone the opportunity to stand out and personalize themselves. They are the ones who bring the little extra that makes all the difference: the pace, the look, the originality, the modernity… In Marianne's case, that would have made our job much easier. Marianne argues that they have a cost. That's for sure, but yet that's not what stopped her from buying a bunch of clothes that I think were mostly useless and that necessarily cost money. Marianne made me understand that it was promotions!! I answered him that a promotion that is useless in the end is money lost, it is even waste and this money could have, by thinking well about his purchases and being well organized, allowed him to buy accessories and even save money.

sorting the wardrobe, image consulting, image assessment, dressing well, assessment, personal shopper, clothing shopping

This is where the expertise of the image consultant that I am could have provided her with all the necessary knowledge to contribute to her well-being and thus avoid any clumsiness without lightening her wallet.

In Marianne's wardrobe, the basics were also missing. Basics are essential pieces of any wardrobe. I will have the opportunity to tell you more about it in a future news item.

I would end by saying: add up the sum in € of all these accumulated, unsuitable and unusable clothes and you will be surprised by the amount you will arrive at!

If you want to go further by benefiting from my knowledge and my experience, click on this link to obtain  a free 20-minute interview. It is always a pleasure for me to be able to meet your expectations and to share.

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