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Isn't that where you want to be?


To ensure that there is correspondence, adequacy, congruence between what I know to be in the depths of my guts and the image that I project and this with the full participation of my body

and my being while keeping my authenticity.

Have an image that brings credibility and consistency regardless of circumstances and moments of life.

Getting to wear colors, clothes that I know would suit me but that I never dared to put on because I didn't know how to express and exteriorize this image of myself that lives in me.

Find and affirm the style that suits me.

Want and know how to be elegant whether at home or at work.

On any occasion, knowing how to present an image that expresses the best of myself and boosts me.

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What I want to convey and to whom I want to convey it


I speak to the woman who, for one reason or another, has found herself separated from a part of herself.

I speak knowingly. This does not prevent her from succeeding professionally and being ambitious.

 My mission is to accompany him through the tools of Image Consulting to reconnect to his being, to his body

and to fully express her beauty, her femininity, her style which have never ceased to exist in the depths of herself.

Chantal ats beauty specialist oise

With my support you can achieve your goal


Isn't that where you are today?

You have adopted a dress code that has kept your femininity, your charm, your power of seduction at bay, you have even come to lose all contact with all this part of yourself.

You have been bruised in your being and this has caused wounds which are still present or may resurface at any time. Added to this is the pain of realizing that there is something irrecoverable and that we even come to doubt that we will never be able to find ourselves again. A situation that can only introduce doubt, eat away at self-esteem, destroy inner balance.

You have spent your life caring for others. It's very beautiful! But who took care of you? Anybody ! Not even you! And you have come to neglect yourself to the point of separating yourself from yourself and today of no longer knowing how to find yourself.

There are colors, clothes that you don't dare to wear while they resonate within you. You feel frustrated.

Without knowing your style, in any situation, you are never comfortable with your image.

Perhaps you have gone so far as to deny its existence to this body of yours. This was your mode of defense. A mode of defense that can only amputate life.

Chantal ats beauty specialist oise

I know what it is, I've been there!

To present myself ! It's a challenge for me. A journey that is very personal to me and atypical to say the least. But above all do not fall into sensationalism and exoticism.

You might as well start at the beginning, without detour. It's being chosen at birth by my grandmother as the heiress of a long shamanic line. It was at ten years old, when this grandmother died, finding myself in a slum in Equatorial Africa with the violence and the responsibility of my six sisters and brothers. It's the constant worry of finding money to fill the bowls at an age when we should think more about playing. It's living the irreparable at thirteen, being bruised to the depths of everything I am, physically, psychologically, emotionally, mentally. I still have the strength to swear to myself that I'll get out of it, that I'll leave.

From that day and for decades I cut myself off from my body. That's my only defense. As a result, I am regularly accused of being cold, icy, haughty, even a snob. I feel such an injustice to be obliged to assume these qualifiers which do not correspond to me in any way.

To the point that even with my lifelong accomplice, my sister Phiphi and our two years apart, I happened to see her cry because she wanted to hug me and I was in defense mode and without m realizing it had pushed her away. Behavior, which when I come of age, will not favor my romantic relationships. With the boys as long as we were talking about the rain and the good weather everything was perfect, at least for me, but as soon as it was a question of considering the slightest physical contact it took my breath away to the point of putting our relationship in jeopardy. I can still hear this man I was deeply in love with telling me, “But what is it? You do not love me ? »

Chantal ats beauty specialist oise

 How Image Consulting Changed My Life

It was in France, when I had been working on my own for several years in the beauty and aesthetics professions, that in 2013 the Image Consulting fell on me. Without warning, I was offered a training course that I decided to follow. The Image Consulting reasons deep within me, I realize that it gives me the means, through its framework, its instruments and its techniques, to express who I am. And there, first reparative shock, the trainer teaches me that I am a charismatic woman. After what I had lived how could I accept to be a charismatic woman? But at the same time it resolved times of situations made uncomfortable by ignorance of myself. I had to get used to it, get out of my reserve and my discomfort.

Convinced by this first contact and wanting to deepen, given my perfectionist side, I subscribe to an international training in Geneva as an Image Consultant. A teaching that has no equivalent in a French-speaking environment and that is based on experience and exemplary practice. And once again it's the shock and not the least. During my color analysis I learn that light is part of my natural colorimetric characteristics. All that was missing was charismatic and luminous, I who did everything to try to go unnoticed! Which was never the case and only made me more and more uncomfortable. But again this forced awareness of who I am helps to free me.

During the analysis of the silhouette, the one who will become my mentor determines that, among other things, I have shapes that lend themselves wonderfully to wearing dresses. All these forms that I had always tried to hide feeling that they could only lead to vulgarity. Just showing part of my arms was "too much"! This woman of authority, of international renown, forced me with tact and kindness to take this gigantic step towards reconnecting with my body. This body that I had striven so hard to put aside, to deny its existence since I was thirteen, now my mentor demanded that I reclaim it.

I was not yet at the end of my road to Damascus. Came the biggest piece: the analysis of my style of dress. Knowing that finding your style means finding your signature, expressing your personality. And there my mentor had to put all his sensitivity and benevolence into it so as not to jostle me to the point of losing my balance when she told me that I was not only romantic but also dramatic, one and its opposite. . Femininity and masculinity to the tips of your nails. It was with his help, by fully integrating these two aspects of my personality that I was able to begin to know who I was and to truly be myself.

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 How I see my job as a Coach and Image Consultant

For me, Image Consulting is an approach that goes in search of what you are deep within yourself in order to express it through the image you project. It helps to reveal you, to beautify you, to increase your confidence and self-esteem, to show your femininity, your style, your elegance, in a word to make you feel good about yourself. I chose to help the woman to reconnect with her body, with her being.

In my coaching, in addition to my professionalism, I rely on a life that has made me cross several continents, live in several countries, incorporate several cultures, practice several professions. I was able to get closer to the essential, to understand that there is a beauty that never goes out of fashion, that is beyond time and space. Through my universalism, it is this beauty that I want to bring, share, the one that makes Navajo Amerindians say that a successful life is a walk in beauty.

Today I live in London and know I have the skills to be a Coach and an Image Consultant capable of providing advice to a person from any background whatsoever.

Chantal ats beauty specialist oise

Self Image Coaching

Whether it's personalized appointments or group workshops, male or female, you will inevitably find the formula that suits you. Discover all the tools that I took care to think about and put in place to help you reveal yourself: image consulting, makeover, personal development.

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