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Good evening Chantal,

How I perceive image consulting:
As a global whole: personality analysis, activity, colors, make-up, silhouette.

How I feel about what we've done together so far:

it is a puzzle that is built little by little. Each meeting allows you to progress. At first we wonder where we are going. Then the answers are part of a global logic. Some buried evidence is revealed: example bright colors for me. Others are still to settle in my mind, to work on. It's a collaborative work in the end, since you realize this advice, there are exchanges, and that I as a person begin to mature it and to implement it in part. There is still work to be done. From reflection to mature. Actions to put into practice.



Chantal ats beauty and well-being advice

For me, Image Consulting is the tool par excellence to match in all circumstances what we are deep within ourselves and the image we project.

During my color test with Chantal and my 76 years old I felt that it not only confirmed what I felt partly instinctively but reinforced my ability to choose the colors that suit me, put me at ease and contribute to my harmony. The shopping session brought me this pleasure of dressing everyday that I had only rarely experienced until then. A ray of sunshine not to be overlooked in these times and which shows that there is no age to become young.

Pascal Wick, Ph.D.

Chantal ats beauty and well-being advice

It was a conference by Chantal that convinced me to call on her services. Although having already benefited from the services of an image consultant, Chantal's intervention really let me see a very different approach from what I had known and I did not hesitate to ask her to benefit of his advice. At this point I think it appropriate to say a few words about who I am. I am 56 years old, married and mother of three children. I work in Kriss-Laure products. What I like about this job is being able to meet so many people and find enrichment through all these contacts.

The work with Chantal was most rewarding. It was done in stages. While keeping her professionalism and her rigor, Chantal has not only been able to adapt to my needs, to make them tailor-made, but to ensure that everything goes smoothly and with complicity. I discovered, contrary to preconceived ideas, that Image Consulting was not just a few tricks for the decor but that it was much deeper and that there was really a lot of work behind it, a science and a highly structured techniques.

Above all, I gained greater reliability and self-confidence, the certainty of having gained credibility. I feel that working with you, Chantal, has allowed me to be more at ease, to realize myself in the search for my identity, to reveal myself to myself while remaining myself, to be more serene. It helped to optimize my own abilities, to develop my potential. Thanks to his advice, I felt that the blockages that I had disappeared. I appreciated his way of giving me access to these techniques, to this knowledge, without ever overwhelming me but on the contrary by giving me greater confidence and security. It allowed me to see more clearly and go more to the point.

What is surprising about Chantal is this extreme professionalism mixed with this great gentleness. I would not hesitate and have no hesitation in recommending her. This work that we did together was really “ light work ».

Muriel Bourland