Five ways to wear Cavalieres well

Wear riding boots

Cavalieres, as their name suggests, are inspired by the boots of equestrians. They can be of very different sizes. The most classic arrives below the knee. This does not prevent them from going from ankle boots to thigh-high boots. Regardless of their height, what makes them "riders" is their flat heels.

Jumpers are an essential part of any self-respecting wardrobe. In winter they will allow you to combine comfort, sobriety, warmth, chic and elegance. Riders today are available in a wide variety of styles, colors and textures. Depending on your style and personality and more importantly the circumstances, a pair of classic black or camel riding boots might very well be the only pair of boots you need.


pinterest (riders2)The riders will have a decisive influence on your style. What you wear with riders depends primarily on their style and color. It is therefore a question of experimenting to precisely find what is your style with riders. The whole trick is to match the style of your riders to the style of your garment.

Classic riders are timeless. They can be worn with jeans, a skirt, a dress or even shorts.



How to wear riding boots

The most obvious, if you want to stay close to their equestrian origin, is to wear your riders with jeans. It seems so simple: put on jeans and put on boots! But from there to create a set that stands is another pair of sleeves.

You have the possibility to vary by wearing raw, gray or black jeans…

pinterest (riders with white slim)


Given the close link of riders with horse riding, we can pay homage to their origin by making a few reminders of styles. By choosing, for example, white slim jeans with black riders and completing it with a close-fitting black blazer worn over a basic white or cream blouse.





Another possibility is dark skinny raw jeans worn with a blouse printed with blue, a navy blazer and Camel riders.

Complete these outfits with pretty accessories adapted to your morphology. It's also a great opportunity to make color reminders, for example a camel belt will remind you of your camel riding boots.

pinterest (more together riders)


If you want to look slimmer it is better to wear dark jeans which have the advantage of accentuating the slender appearance of your figure while light jeans will tend to accentuate the volume.

Thanks to opaque tights, winter is the perfect season to wear skirts and dresses with your riding boots. For the most elegant outfit, combine colorful tights like purple, burgundy, navy blue with a sweater and wear your jumpers with a skirt. If you opt for a dress, also wear your opaque tights.


helline riders with short skirt

pinterest (riders)

A knee-high skirt goes perfectly with riders reaching below the knee. Especially since a knee-high skirt has
the advantage of flattering all silhouettes and can allow a look that is both wise and sexy. If you wear riders that go up to the knee or even above then you must wear a mini skirt or even dare shorts mid thigh or even a little shorter. It is essential to show part of your legs between the boots and the skirt. For such a daring outfit, wearing tights is mandatory. The opacity of the tights will calm things down.


Where to buy riders?

I would simply tell you to think outside the box, experiment and bet on quality…
c4 ats ridersSo, a little story to end. My daughter needed a pair of boots. Before the end of year celebrations we went to two or three stores before going to “la Halle aux Chaussures”. To my great surprise and to my greatest happiness, I bought myself a pair of “Ixoo” brand riders. It was the wonderful saleswoman who encouraged me and decided to make this purchase and I don't regret it. It was the first time that I bought shoes at “La Halle aux Chaussures”.


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