Self-makeup, beautify, beauty, make-up, simple and effective make-up, image consulting, face, image assessment

Make-up is a constant of all societies throughout the history of mankind. Over the centuries and for millennia these societies have used an impressive set of techniques to decorate, embellish and mark their faces as well as their bodies. From the scarification to the foundation, from the tattoo to the lipstick which is not always red far from it, everything served to celebrate and enhance the beauty and the sacredness of the human being. Makeup is a fundamental part of the cultural heritage of any society. It is one of the identifying characteristics of all human groups, today as yesterday. It is a make-up linked to a community, a society, an identity make-up.

Next to that there is daily personal make-up, your makeup. The one you are going to do to go to work, to go to a wedding, can be your wedding, a make-up that will not be the one you will adopt to go to the ball on July 14th. So many situations, so many make-ups, each of them more or less determined by who you are, your personality, your feelings for the day. It's a make-up that appeals to the individual that you are, leaving room for the expression of your creativity. It's makeup that makes you unique and introduces that little touch that makes all the difference.

Self-makeup, beautify, beauty, make-up, simple and effective make-up, image consulting, face, image assessment

Finally there is a make-up which is much more in tune with the very etymology of the word make-up, the fact of making up, of wanting to make up, very close to hiding. You had a party, but this morning you have to get up, go to work, you have to appear, to others as well as to yourself. We must overcome this day after the party, regain energy. There's nothing like erasing those dark circles that eat up your face, restoring radiance to your look to help you, especially through the eyes of others, to find the energy that will carry you for the rest of the day. .

These are the techniques, tips and tricks regarding these last two forms of makeup that I will give you.

Who is this consultation for?

For those who want to take charge and personally choose their image and their beauty.


To gain confidence, get out of conformity, reveal your personality...

Get started now. To help you, I'm going to give you the keys to simple and effective make-up. The goal is to allow you to evolve at your own pace over weeks or even months.

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Where do my services take place?

I live in London and of course I can receive you in London but I can also travel and when I say travel, I mean coming to Paris, Geneva, Brussels...

Anyway, my services are partly face-to-face but also partly through the Internet (Skype, Zoom, Webinar, etc.).

London, the city par excellence of “Shopping”! It is certain that as an Image Consultant and Personal Shopper in London, I can make you live an enriching and satisfying experience that will see you leave with outfits that suit you, highlight you and with excellent value for money. .

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