To all those who, following a violent upheaval, have felt obliged to wear a wig

As those who know me know and see it, 85% of the time I have a shaved head. What I don't know is that at the start it's not by choice. A few years ago, while in France, my family and I suffered violence that scarred us for life. The next morning was a shock: following this horrific day, my hair was falling out in whole handfuls. Faced with this hecatomb, I decided on the spot to shave the little hair I had left. You can imagine the shock of children coming to say hello to me and finding me without a hair on my head!

That same morning I had to go out. I asked my daughter to come with me. She said : " Okay ! But you still don't intend to go out like that with a shaved head. It is sure that I will not accompany you if you go out like that ". In fact, my choice was already made and it was out of the question for me to put on a wig to conceal what I had become. So I went out with a shaved head without my daughter.

I live in this body, a body that constantly changes over time. Of course there are more or less rapid, more or less impactful, more or less drastic changes, and this one is certainly violent. But this body remains the one I live with, and I want to live with it in harmony. I have to respect it, maintain it, preserve it, pamper it, love it and my skull is no exception. I don't want there to be parts of my body that I don't like so much that I have to hide them, conceal them.

Of course there are parts of our body that we only show in private, but that's another story and it's not because we don't like them. No, here I am talking about parts of our body that cause us so much trouble that we feel obliged to conceal them, to hide them. A path that I refuse to take knowing that it can only cause permanent discomfort and forever weigh down my daily life. This is why I chose on the spot to face the situation, and this same morning of hair carnage to go out without a wig. It was to face the gaze of the other while maintaining my integrity, to force myself to impose myself as I had suddenly become following this attack.

I know from experience that this is not an easy path and that it requires courage, but I also know that it is the one that allows us to overcome the discomfort, frustration and permanent pain that a refusal to do face the situation head-on. But what I also know is that there are approaches, methods and tools that exist to help us follow this path and get out of wearing a wig by obligation. 

The way that allows us to approach well-being. I know these approaches, these methods, these tools, not only for having been trained in them and transmitting them, but above all for having borrowed, experienced and used them myself.

You who every morning put on this wig out of obligation, take the step, contact me so that we can talk about it with an open heart and that already this exchange lets you glimpse that there is another possible, a more soothing, beneficial and serene possible. . 


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